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I know this site is for bad experiences with uship, but I just wanted to note that i had mixed feelings about using the site,ultimately I used it to transport a vehicle to me..

The carrier i chose was Brother Transport , not only did they load my vehicle even as it stated to pour down the rain on them, and pretty much rained on them the whole trip, But they had the forethought to pull over when the weather man said there was a tornado watch for the area they were to drive thru, after the warning had cleared and they got back on the road, they sent pictures of other transporters hauling vehicles on single car trailers that were scattered all over the of which was a so-called top transporter on uship!!

The inability of a so-called top rated carrier not to try and go thru an area when there is a tornado watch in effect, makes me wonder about uships top rated carriers..

As for me the only transporter that will ever haul my vehicles again is Bother Transport,,there feedback rating at the time i shipped my first vehicle was something like 1 positive, they have since jumped to i believe 5 Positives..

If your listing a vehicle on uship and you see this company bidding on your listing..have no fear, they will take care of your item and not take chances with it, they called whenever there was a delay or they thought they were going to be delayed,,and they still managed to get it here in just over 4 hours past there scheduled delivery time and delivered it via open carrier and not a single scratch on it anywhere..which is exactly how it was picked up and loaded.

The vehicle I had listed was in non-running condition, The owner of the Company i believe his name was Rick after looking under the hood with my husband and seeing what it was doing, asked if it would be ok to see the numbers on the computer in the car..we had no idea what he was up to, but said ok..after he saw the number on the computer he opened his laptop up, found the number on the computer,,pulled what he called the mempack? He had some sorta thing he plugged the thing into, and said the chip is corrupted..he erased the chip reloaded the corrected info..and the car started right up..LOL

I only found out later that he was a certified electronics technician,A professional musician,and had a background in automotive repair,,and to top it all off he was also a computer programmer..which explains all the tech gear he had hooked to his vehicle hehe

This is the guy you want people ,i'm not kidding..we got estimates on fixing the car that ranged from $1000 to over $3000 and he had it fixed in 20 minutes and never charged us a single dime for it.

There rating should be thru the roof for that alone IMHO.

Reason of review: I purchased a non-running car, and now i have a totally running car!! fixed for free!! woohoo.

Uship Pros: Fast pick up.

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