Utica, Michigan

My item was scheduled for pick up on 2/2/15 and a pick up number was issued. I Called and e-mailed them on 2/9/15 to get an update or driver contact to schedule/prepare for unloading.

1stClass did not even know what carrier had the item or who was supposed to be picking the item up. They proceeded to tell ME to call the pick-up site and talk to some guy named Miguel (there is no Miguel) and ask him what kind of truck/carrier picked it up! Absolutely ridiculous! After some phone calls it turned out the item was never picked up and 1stClass made no contact with me regarding this.

They claim the driver was told the item had “already been picked up" so he left and they just neglected to tell me for 7 days. I was upset but figured it was an honest mistake and gave them the benefit of the doubt, BIG MISTAKE. The Item was then rescheduled for pick up on 2/10/15 with a new pick up number issued. They once again failed to pick the item up with no contact made.

This time the excuse was "No one was there when the driver arrived". I called the pick-up site (a reputable, nationwide auction house) and they were there from 8am-4pm on 2/10/15 just as I had told the shipper multiple times. These people are horrible communicators and I have no idea how their overall rating is 4.6 Stars. From my experience they are completely incompetent.

I only received information/updates on the status of the item WHEN I MYSELF inquired about what was going on! Not once did they attempt to contact me in any way regarding the shipment to tell me an issue had arose, I initiated the information exchange each and every time. They are not even capable of updating the progress of your shipment through the Uship website. They told me everything has to be done “through e-mail”?

What a joke. I gave them detailed instructions of available pick up times and contacts at the pickup site both times the shipment was scheduled, whether they relayed this information to the driver/carrier is another story entirely. I followed all of 1stClass’s directions and instructions to ensure pain free shipping but that did not happen. I went above and beyond for this shipment, tied up all of my ends and basically made this shipment *** proof.

If you read their responses to negative feedback and cancellations you will see they always respond with “Customer couldn’t follow simple directions or instruction” but I think it is they who suffer from this problem. Look at the negative feedback, they never take responsibility for their errors which in itself tells you they do not run a good business. Any self respecting person or business knows that mistakes happen, why not admit it and learn from your mistakes. They always try to slander customers who cancel or post negative feedback....they are pathetic.They are so lazy that they didn’t even respond to the cancellation request submitted through Uship, they let the 72 hr timeframe lapse with no response so obviously they had no grounds to fight my cancellation/refund.

This process has been a complete nightmare. I have used Uship before and had a great experience but this was far from that. I own a businesses and know how to plan/communicate with people to get things done the right way, something 1stClass completely lacks. I contacted another shipper and they picked the item up immediately (on the same day I scheduled) with no problems what so ever.

This seemingly small task has taken up way too much of my time. 1stClass?….I beg to differ….they are a bunch of clowns….

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship 1Stclassglobaltransport Profile.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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