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After digging around dumpsters and strip clubs, we find the true identity of 48freight and smartquote. They are just another one of the hoards of Globaltranz agents on uship. They compete against other agents on uship! GlobalTranz does not care, they figure once a customer is in their master system, the agent can sod off. They will keep the account and the agent can go pound off.

Let's see this less than stellar performance of this loser....

"My oven was damaged at delivery. $10000 oven totally destroy and their answer is $0.1 per pounds???????""The Service Provider He did show up""The service provider assumed the copiers were picked up. I got a bill of lading and paid for their services. 2 days after my shipment was supposed to arrive they call me and tell me that my shipment was never picked up.""Bid was won by smartquote (123)Freight48, pick up in 1 day, del in 3 but I did not know that they are a broker and they 3rd party this load out. They did not call or return calls, very slow with correspondence with me and""Customer no longer needs their item(s) shipped I request a cancellation due to the additional cost.... I did not expect for there to be additional cost for this transaction.""NEGATIVE: It took over one month for our shipment to arrive. I found this company to have very poor communication and they were very rude on the phone to us as well as others who were working with us. There were complications with paperwork and our shipment sat at the border for weeks without progress. I finally took over and did all the work to get it here. Not a positive experience and i would not use this company again.""The service provider did not show up on the date and time scheduled for pick up. They were given a new date and still did not show up. They wrote today saying their vehicle broke down and cannot pickup, and therefore totally in breach of the contract. See their recent mail of today below. Please cancel this booking, this service provider are unserious and have caused me irreparable loss.""To Whom It Might Concern, I am requesting to cancel this booking/shipment due to the unprofessionalism of the service provider. The shipment was picked up at the original location. After several days, I received a call from SMARTquote claiming my shipment (Brillion SS1201) was damaging the truck's bed. And, that my shipment was going to be dropped off at an unspecified location. I had to contact SMARTquote several times until they gave me the information of where my machine was.""I needed this pick up and I never even got a a bill of lading.""i cannot get anymore to return my calls zero communication""I have not heard back from the shipper.""driver just pushed out of the truck instead of waiting to grab fork lift and broke the package, then called customer service and said that its another shipper that he brokered it out to's responsibility to fix broken package and not on him, even thought i paid him... wouldn't use again""the service provider is not responding after phone calls messages I think this provider is not serious. the service provider need to be verified.""Clearly i explain to Marty that this is a fragile copier machine as showed on our shipment description pictures and under our description, Marty is a broker who booked a freight company to pick this up not his own trucks,the freight companies required a crate to be use to ship a fragile copier machine that can't be double stack ,at the same time the class used on the booking was 75 a copy machine is class 100 ( if) was to go inside a completely sealed crate to avoid damage to the copier.""WAS TOLD NOT TO PUT THIS ON A PALLET AS THE LEGS WOULD BREAK OFF. AND SURE ENOUGH THEY PUT IT ON A PALLET AND BROKE THE LEGS, NOW THEY WILL ONLY PAY 65.00 FOR THE 3800 DOLLAR MACHINE. DONT USE THEM ""I had problem with communication with this shipper. I requested a change of delivery address and he did not change the date and my shipment was sent to a incorrect address. This was not good because it took my two days to find my shipment""Shipment was delayed many times. Every Time I tried to get it shipped there was always a different story. The packing was a joke. It almost didn't shipped that last time. UPS said I was lucky to get it in one piece. The communication with the person in Phoenix was poor. There was a very lay back attitude. I never was quite sure when I was going to get my organ. Next time I ship, I will be more careful who I pick. When a contract says I will get it in 48hrs... I should get it.""Engine arrived days late and damaged.""I am very dissatisfied with Marty and his service. If you use his service make sure you understand what he is doing and make sure he does not change his prices. Marty is a broker, so he does not do the work himself "" he contracts his work out to a trucking company to pick up the items. Therefore, the actual price charged may end up being considerably higher than the amount Marty bid on uShip. Again, I not happy with his service and would not use him again or recommend him to anyone else.""Never showed for pickup and had pickup on Friday, Marty said no problem, I called Monday and asked are we on schedule for delivery he said Yes I said ok then we will have Tuesday YES he said, Monday I called asked what time Tuesday he dbl talked no answer but driver will call you, then Tuesday with expectation of delivery I get an email from the pickup place and they said no one ever showed up Friday, Marty was lying all this time..."

**********************SO, LETS SEE- Poor communication- Slow response time- No paperwork 2X missing- No follow up- Improper Shipping Insurance- Improperly explaining services- Not working with customer on packaging- Change rates- Missing pickups- Missing deliveries


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OK I'll join in as well.

Shipped a motorcycle from NY to San Diego, First they delayed the shipment costing me storage, then I cancelled and went to another shipper, they then said it was picked up.

I then asked about storage charges, they said to bad. After several months of emailing "Marty" he tells me they are no longer on Uship. I check they are "suspended" from uship.

So I am out $280 storage charges. Well we will see about that.