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U-Ship has quite a great deal going on for them. They get paid to be a forum but really have NO responsibility. I work in auto transport for a carrier (a trucking company) not a broker (a middle person).

There are a couple of brokers who are doing BIG BUSINESS on U~ship because they have hundreds or thousands of ratings. Here is what you don't know: Those ratings are for the service that was recieved. That service was not provided by the broker but by the carrier that actually moved the vehicle.

I work for a carrier and we cannot win bids because we have no ratings. We have been on U~Ship for years but the bids are all low-balled by brokers who then get the great ratings off the backs of the sweat of truckers.

We can't really move auto's as cheap as you see on U~Ship, which is why you will also see many complaints. To move a small car from FL to OH we would normally charge about $625 this time of year. Keep in mind we have truck payments, fuel to purchase, insurance payments, maintenance etc... Brokers have a to pay for a bond, a website and sometimes an office, very little overhead so they book for cheap in order to make their "booking fee" and then leave the client twisting in the wind.

If the carrier tried to bid on a vehicle they will do so at a loss and then pay U~Ship fees on top of that loss. For example, to bid $400 to move the FL to OH car, it will cost the carrier $78.99

That is fine if you want to ship an old beater that doesn't run but do you want to trust a good car that gets you where you want to go to someone that is just trying to make their $150?

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That's nothing compared to bidding 10,000 on heavy equipment for example and uships fee is over the customer sees almost 11,000 and you cant explain to the customer they are getting charged that and its not our actual bid. The customer already gets charged on their side and has no clue they are getting charged twice....for what???They have NO RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!!!and if they do they sure don't take a hold of it....illegal carriers with no numbers, brokers etc....

any one can make a website post a pic of a truck they might have, book a load and steal your money and possessions then delete their profile next day...what will uship do? you guess it....Nothing


Your not making much sense. How does the broker get the car from point a, to point b?

Does he not have to pay the carrier?


Yes and no. If it is a billing the broker still has to pay a carrier but if it is COD then the carrier has to send the broker fee to the broker, which they don't want the carrier discussing the price to ship with the customers.

They don't want the customer knowing that the carrier is only getting $400 out of the $750 they are paying to have their vehicle shipped. A broker is a phone and a fax machine. Brokers are the ticks of the business, they live of the blood of the carriers. Often the broker, with a low overhead, is paid better than the carrier, who has a huge overhead.

On top of all the, the brokers often want the carriers to jump through flaming hoops just to haul the load.

You should see some of the these contracts they try to pass off as legit.