Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Are these companies for real? In the last month or so, I have asked for bids for two totally different types of transport.

One was a puppy, and the latest was a motorhome. The only contact I got was, "what is your budget" I was under the impression that I was asking for a bid, NOT HOW *** I AM. When questioned the clown told me around $1000 to put a puppy in a crate on the passenger seat, got that one done by a pro pet transport for $225, with FDA permits. Now I need to transport a motorhome less than 90 miles with no time frame, and this clown bids $1400, local pro equipment transport with lowboy, is more than happy to do it for just under $400.

I'm going on line to tell people to be ware of anyone hooked up with RIP OFF USHIP, good luck! RIP OFF COMPANY!

RIP OFF *** ARTIST! just my opinion!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Uship Cons: Being robbed.

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Hey retard company has nothing to do with this ... if you got no brains move on and stop ***