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Not very pleased , having a Siabriàn Husky puppy shipped from Ga to me in Va . i bought puppy and was told i would i would have in about 3 hours, send money gram ff For puppy price and delivery , sent money Then they emailed back stating that the kennel that they had would not be accepted by airport and it was 700 more and that the company was taking partial responsibility so if i sent 300 for rental deposit i would be refunded it back upon... Read more

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This company operates an internet board for shippers wanting to be your mover. I signed on June 2nd. The first shipper to respond was moreno49 and I agreed to his terms. But then he disappears with no further communication for three days and then sends a message that his truck is full ... but he can do it in three more weeks. Meanwhile other shippers have contacted me and I do nothing because of Moreno. Then Moreno comes back and says he got no... Read more

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My 31ft camper was picked up in Wi. And delivered to colo . Picked it up on Friday and delivered it on Saturday . NO dAMAGE Aaron did a good job and would use him again!! Don't have 100words to say said every thing that was needed said so guess will ramble for another 60 words but will make no sence but will be able to say and send a good review that was 33 words . Now I'm at 74 so will still ramble to 100 so haven said all this useless jibber... Read more

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We hired him because my boy friend had an accident and could not help me with my moving to new place in same city. It was hard to get in contact with Gregory Byerly. He never answered our called. On the moving day, he came late, and he refused to carry some stuff . His excuse was he did not eat his breakfast. When we arrived at new place, he threw our stuff at parking lots, and suddenly Gregory Byerly then disappeared in the middle of the job... Read more

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As A Service Provider Taking On Shipments From Uship's Website People Looking For The Best Deal Don't Know That When A Provider Bids On There Shipment - Uship Adds There Fee's Which Can Add Up To A Few Hundred On Top Of The Providers Bid Which The Customer Thinks All Goes To The Provider -Not- & Not To Mention The Customers That Want To Use Uship For Moving & Want To Move Halfway Across The Country For A Couple Dollars - As If We... Read more

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I contracted Acscot movers through UShip and they ripped me off. They damaged my furniture and agreed to pay but stalled for three months with multiple stories. They used unskilled labor and an old rental Uhaul. These guys did not wrap the furniture and broke things. They also charged me an additional $1,250 at pick up even though I sent pictures of everything in advance. U Ship claimed they would contact me by failed to do so. And they... Read more

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I paid this website $435 on 3-12-14 to have a Seadoo shipped 500 miles. Had a carrier accept my offer procrastinated over a month. I contacted the carrier numerous times there was one excuse after another, after three weeks beyond my promised delivery date I contacted Uship customer service and was informed this was one of their top carriers. I guess my standards were set too high to think someone would actually execute a deadline... Read more

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Hi Glenn, Here is your cancellation reason and description: ----- Reason: The Service Provider did not show up at agreed upon date and time Description: Booked on 8/26/13.. Service provider claims attempted pickup prior to the booking date (last week ?), along with the need for a truck with lift gate.. No attempt to pick up as reported was ever made as is claimed.. I strongly suggest service provider is looking to add additional cost or fees... Read more

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These people suck!!!! Not only do they allow illegal transporters on their site who drop the bids so low no one with proper authority could possibly stay afloat at these rates. Now they have their paid infomercial on TV enticing more illegals everyday! I have been a hotshot hauler for many years and have seen my other reputable load boards dry up as Uship grows, I have a truck requiring major repair and I am now stuck because U ship is holding... Read more

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I shipped a parcel with Uship and the driver never delivered my freight. I email Uship and they told me the driver has done this before! Why would they keep him on their website if he is ripping people off! There only response was to call the police and good luck! Don't use THEM!!!! Go to the attorney Generals office in Texas and file complaints! My furniture is still roaming around the country its been over a month and the driver still emails... Read more

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Funny all posts to this question were removed by Uship Moderators EMPLOYEE Community@uShip (uShip Support) over 2 years ago Is uShip a broker? uShip is a neutral online marketplace for shipping and moving services. The uShip marketplace is an online venue for shippers and transportation service providers to find each other for the purposes of conducting business with one another. As a neutral venue, uShip is not a transportation service... Read more

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Vague delivery date that changed constantly while my cat was already in the truck. Chicago to Houston took almost four days via several stops through Nebraska, then in Colorado and who knows where else. At most it is an 18 hour drive. Driver change last day. When I called about my pet, was told that I was bothering the driver by calling and if I continued to call he said that he would make a point NOT to make an effort to get my cat to me. ... Read more

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Shipper required deposit thru Greenbox Pac from Walmart. Once the money was sent the driver disappeared. I hope that Uship will help out on this matter because the had the shipper listed on their website. I talked to the driver on the phone and he seemed ok . If your not suppose to make payments ahead why doesn't Uship block this in the shipping details? I need to relist the item but don't want this to happen again . Uship is not available to... Read more

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I have made several attempts to use uship but cannot compete against bids from "companys" that are not operating legally. The public can't tell the difference, and cannot be expected to know all the laws of the states their freight will travel thru. I think uship should require all carriers to be verified so the public will be protected ( shippers and those on the road with these under insured trucks ). This will help the image of uship because... Read more

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First time trying uship. Service provider responded to my ad but then tried to change the contract. He could not pick up my shipment in the dates specified in the ad. He cancelled, but now I have lost my service fee, and I can't even get a full refund or leave negative feedback for the service provider. If this was an ethical company, they would at least fully refund your money if no service has been rendered. Instead they only refund 90% of the... Read more

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