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Let's join each other in a class action federal lawsuit. Everyone needs to call the appropriate government regulating entities. This is the exact email, less the proper spelling of anyone else's name except mine. They falsely claim that I am someone else. First they began by claiming that I had set up a fake account, then they said my employee had set up a shippers account in this email they've actually changed the spelling of my name and claim that I actually am him again gigantic lie.The Austin Texas, Better Business Bureau has rated them as high as they can rate them. But when I, sent them a complaint they refuse to rated as a complaint. Even though, I was talking about something that could affect the health safety and welfare of the general public. They already had 47 complaints and took pride in proclaiming they had settled them all and thus Uship retained the highest rating they could issue. Apparently they've never said heard from any of the people on this site this needs to change. Put in please contact your then when it comes up and ask about the business, do not give an address, just put in uship no location and their Austin Better Business Bureau and Uship will pop up ill show you places where you can complain, click on the complaint link and tell your story. I believe the Better Business Bureau in Austin Texas, is attempting to keep the lid on the massive numbers of complaints, that they figure they cannot settle the take on the ones that seem simple enough to resolve. Thus allowing Uship to retain a high rating. Do not complain falsely, that will simply ruin it for the people that are complaining and have real complaints, just be honest and speak/write the truth. Together we can all put this evil Empire a division of eBay on the right track, whatever that is, should be left up to the legal authorities governing such matters



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DOB: #/**/####

Let this email serves as our official request to cease & desist all communication with uShip staff and access to the domain or any affiliated domains used to access Should your legal advisor need to contact uShip, please have them do so by emailing our Legal Department first, Your persistent emails to uShip staff signal that there is a larger issue at hand, and we may need to contact the authorities or other public health officials to review your activity and we are concerned about the public’s safety. This is a final warning, should you wish to pursue legal action, you must do so via legal counsel, otherwise, we will be forced to take serious action against you and your company.



uShip Legal Department - the online shipping marketplace

Monetary Loss: $25000.

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Could someone explain me something why is it Uber needs to have all their Logistics in place verify insurance to transport people and why is it that uship does not need the same Logistics they should have to qualify and be verify for commercial insurance you got guys out there pulling RV driving peoples units and using their wife's mini-van insurance and claiming they are super transporter we pay tens of thousands of dollars of insurance a year to be legit


Yea right


I agree Uship is a broker and they do not verify carriers insurance or dot numbers.


Well, uShip is definitely corrupt and good at finding loopholes to avoid legal ramifications for their most likely illegal practices. However, there is much more to all this..

I have been using uShip as a carrier for nearly 2 years now. I have also been a shipper a few times during this. Yes, I have been making below average pay on these loads and working my butt off doing this. Yes, uShip has wronged me more than once and showed no compassion over the issues I have faced.

And yes, they have made a small fortune off of me during this time.

At the same time, I have started my business from the ground up with no one to help and no experience in the field. I did start out as a "fly-by-night" type. I had a solid pickup, a job that treated me like ***, 1 week vacation, a family to provide for and an unstoppable determination to be my own boss. I got on uShip and put in bids for anything I could handle and told my wife, "wherever we book is where we vacation." We booked 3 loads, 2 going out and 1 coming back.

Made a vacation out of it and had fun. When all was said and done we paid for our trip 100%, plus made about half a weeks pay, not counting my paid vacation. I put in my 2 weeks at my job, traded my truck for a 1 ton and started booking loads from there. I put 110% effort into every job, earning the best possible feedback from every customer.

Within 2 months I had researched and experienced enough to take the plunge and become fully legal. The biggest hurdle was the cargo insurance. After that the rest was relatively easy and affordable.

Through this I have started from nothing to now having a small legal operation with 3 trucks, 2 drivers, 12 solid repeat customers and a reputation as one of the best. At the same time, uShip has "red flagged" me over some of the dumbest possible things and threatened to confiscate the portions of my funds they have control of, and ruin my reputation as a motor carrier if I don't "play along to get along" if I want to "keep enjoying the benefits of working with uShip." All their words.

Once I made 'Power Carrier' their attitude changed towards me until the day I noticed they overcharged me a total of $587 between 3 separate shipments. I asked about the overages. No response for 4 days, even though VIP support. Finally, I send them a bill via US mail.

No response after 2 weeks, so I sent a certified letter. The next month, they took 'Power Carrier' away from me as well as the option to name my rate in 'Booking Request' or 'My Rates'. They also stopped notifying me when a customer responds to my questions, or when they ask a question about my bid. They are literally trying to starve me out until I give up about the overcharging.

I have not decided which direction I will take with this. I know at this point I only use uShip for approx 20% of my loads. I have met a lot of great shipping customers and other carriers through uShip and I have also built my business from nothing by using uShip. So, all in all they can be helpful.

But if you get on their bad side, they are not a nice company to deal with at all. If you "play along to get along" like they say, they will treat you well.

But that comes with the price of allowing them to steal your money whenever they decide to and just don't ask questions about it. Simply put, they are bullies.


please call me 423.237.3915 steve nightmare ira Poland driver late calls ok


I am fully with you. Uship should be forced FSMCA as a broker, and require DOT Compliance as well. A broker collects a 20% Shipment FEE (Exactly what Uship Charges)

I got my first Feedback, and all of a sudden, my account was under review. They claimed i set the shipper account and left feedback on myself.

Uship did not want to refund the shipper the money, but did not want to release funds to me. They finally refunded the shipper, when i told the shipper to tell them they had 24 hours to refund the money or she was going to press charges for theft fronm a 501c3


Some more of CEO Matt Chasen empty threats. This clown thinks he can threaten people with emails!

Theres a fellow down in FL who started scamship and he too has received empty threats of lawsuits against him as well! Whats the matter Matt does the truth about you and your ripoff company hit home?

You may as well ride the high wave now because your ship is about to sink. real soon!

@Worst Nightmare

do you know why scamship was shutdown?


Uship does not verify there trucking companines. Anyone can register as a trucking company.

Go to and fill out the from then click on I am a carrier. Will be asked or your MC number or it also say I have a CDL. Click I have a CDL will show upon request. Fill out the rest of your info.

Just make up a company name and a profile. Once completed uship will email you a verify my login info. Click on like and start bidding on shipment. I would guess that about 60 percent the people on have no trucking or broker authority.

I just did it and bid on 15 shipments and won 2 of them. I then cancel my account.

I am a guy who mows lawns for a living and have never been in a truck every. I have no knowledge of what a logistics company does.

Try it it works

@Uship is a rip off Anyone can

This will most likely be deleted. I hav been using USHIP for two years.

I buy motorcycles off ebay. I have never had a problem. I noyiced mosy people on this blog do not use their name.

Most likly any problem they had with USHIP was thir own doing. I recomend USHIP


bburbank, I also buy bikes from the insurance auctions all across the US and use citizen shipper to get my bikes to me at about half of what usuck wants. There are no exborant fees over at CS and that is where usuck is missing the boat. Give it a try and you will see much better rates from those providers (many of which are on usuck)


Well, here's one for you. My name is James Jarmon, I am the owner/operator of No Wake Transportation.

My phone number is 919-935-4149. I've tried very hard to work within the Uship system, built up very good feedback, but I can no longer tolerate the illegal activity on the part of Uship. They hold our pay, tell our customers that the safest way to pay is to pay them, and then charges astronomical fees for us to get paid after we have already paid them there brokerage charges. There a monopoly, they know it, and there going to be the downfall of the trucking business because people think there the cheapest way to move things.

Well there not. People with absolutely no trucking experience go out and buy themselves a 60 thousand dollar truck and think their a trucking company.

Want to see your boat or RV laying in the middle of the interstate on its side, give them a try. If you lucked up and found someone trustworthy, stick with them, their worth their weight in gold.