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I had no trouble with uship for one reason. If the transporter does not have a "valid DOT/MC" number they are not a legal transporter.

Having a valid DOT/MC number means that they are registered and licensed with the US Dept of Transportation. By law they must carry min of $750k liability insurance and should also have commercial cargo insurance. You are encourage to ask for their "certificate of insurance". You can call up and verify their policy to make sure they have the proper coverage for you load.

If you use this advice your chances are slim to get screwed over. If you are dealing with a broker they also must have a valid MC number. A broker with a valid MC number "Motor Carrier Number" issued by the US DOT must hire only legal transport companies also with a valid DOT/MC number. If the broker doesn't have this, MOVE ON FAST.

Some *** in his underwear is playing "freight forwarder" to the lowest bidder. Freight forwarder is another name for a *** broker that is not licensed. Now last, is the legal transporter/broker going to be more? Yes, because they have an overhead called insurance!

But before I go remember one thing there is nothing more expensive than the cheapest bid.

Check feedback, references, and last google their company. Common sense goes along way!


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This is true in some cases but there are also instances where your statement is false. I do not run an MC and do not intentionally damage customer property. So there are some of us that do not deserve to be lumped into that category.