Walnut Creek, California
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Not only was the driver a bully -- attempting to extort all the money for the shipment before it was delivered because there were mechanical problems beyond his grasp to fix and he lied and did not have roadside assistance insurance coverage -- planned to leave the shipment out in the middle of nowhere unless he was paid in full ahead of time! This guy was a piece of work; knew little about RVs and the icing on the cake was the fact that he's a registered sex offender.

uShip was told and claimed they would follow through in their fraud department but apparently, a man who committed sexual assault on a minor and claims he owes money to shall we say unscrupulous individuals is technically not fraud.

When the time came to pay, this shipper suddenly said he could not wait a couple of days for a bank transfer (which is standard when money is sent to someone online) and he demanded to be paid in cash immediately. There were mechanical issues which, had this shipper had the proper insurance, would not have cost me anything to remedy.

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Kerry Peyatt
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He stole my trailer. That black circle J?

MINE. He was supposed to pay me for it's use, and deliver it. Nada on either front.

I did not know he was a sex offender, this is a nightmare, what do I do???



Who stole your trailer? Did you contact the police?


Were you able to resolve this? Did you get your trailer back?


Nope. And no police department would help.

each told me to contact another. It was 'taken' from Maryland, maryland said to call NH, where he's from, NH said to call the state I live in now.

My health gave out, and I literally gave up. I never saw it again.


Hi, I am a Customer Relations Specialist at CitizenShipper. I was both shocked and dismayed to hear about your experience.

I'm really sorry to hear that you had to go through all this.

I wanted to let you know about CitizenShipper.com. We're also an online shipping marketplace, and connect customers like you with drivers. What really distinguishes us from other service is our commitment to customer safety and satisfaction.

Drivers on CitizenShipper undertake stringent screening checks before picking up any customer shipments, including a nationwide Background Check, and also address verification. We also feel our community policed review and feedback system helps users to *** out undesirable members leaving only the drivers who conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity.

In addition to this, we've also just integrated a dispute resolution system which further enhances user safety on our site.

If you do find yourself in need of quotes and professional drivers, please reach out to us at Support 'at' citizenshipper dot com, or call me on 1-888-263-4804 and I'd be happy to find you a professional driver.



if u called the uship fraud people u got a *** named marisa s. she is the biggest ho bag *** lier you will ever talk to.

i tried to get reinstated and they said i threatened them in a email. asked for them to send the email and they had nothing.

they will not help and never will. they got there money now they dont care.


this Lady is the biggest *** bag you can ever talk to extremely rude don't know what trailer PARK Matt Chasen gets his employees from i called her to day to find out about my sons account and she told me i was using my son account and i was very dirty person for doing so no wonder she got fired from APPLE this lady is a *** BAG

@Ed Lopez sw florida transporte

i will also be posting on my site



Spoke to the attorney general's office in Montana where it happened. Also registered sex offender information is public record and can be found online, or in this case, in New Hampshire where he's on the list.


By the way, what does it mean to be "used" for libel?


with all due respect there are a lot of legitimate providers on uship but they are dwarfed buy the number of fly by nighters who claim to have been in the business for many years the fact is that you probably chose him on the basis of the lowest bid before actually looking into the company that they claim to be point is we are all looking for a good deal but the legitimate haulers cannot compete here on uship so you get what you pay for headaches and worry are the inevitable side affects


Stop trying to cause problem's for this person.So what he is a registred sex offender all you should care about is getting from point A to point B.Get a life and leave other's life along.


"So what he is a registered sex offender"? I hope you're not a parent.



The problem is that sex offenders like Kerry, that is to say, CONVICTED sex offenders lack impulse control and -- as I experienced -- transform into ill-tempered, aggressive people especially when they fail to get what they want. This guy became so frustrated because of a flat tire that he tried to coerce me into paying him IN FULL before we reached our destination.

I paid him half the amount he was owed even though our agreement was that be paid at the end of the trip. I am convinced he was going to leave me stranded had I paid him all of the money upfront. Also, had he not lied about having roadside assistance insurance coverage, we would have been on the road two days sooner. Yes, we were stuck for two days because of a flat tire.

Sex offenders have a right to earn a living but personally, I want nothing to do with these people: they are unpredictable, nasty and potentially violent when things don't go their way.

More importantly, it disgusts me to have any association with a man who raped a young child. He was convicted of sexual assault on a minor.


What is wrong with the driver being a registered sex offender?? Are they not allowed to lead normal working lives???


I think there is only one suitable punishment for crimes against children.......A bullet between the eyes!