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I was on another site dealing with making money, new ideas etc. low and behold, I saw an ad, that stated, "bid on shipping items for us, for a flat fee" he goes on to state that, "we are too busy, to follow up on the bids, all you have to do is continue to bid, until you win the bid" uship is fertile ground, for the criminals, some may be WANTED by the law, some just might want to steal, your items, with the unknowing help of uship.

For you see a crook wanting to steal your furniture and your antique car parts, has to do a lot of planning. But on uship, what a beautiful set up. All they have to do is bid the job, get paid something, they really don't care how low they have to go, in order to steal your furniture or your belongings. And while there they are stealing everything, it could be likely that you are helping them load the viable item or telling them were taken find the valuable item in another state.

Either way it's a perfect storm, no one calls the police because they're not breaking and entering, someone is unlocking the doors and pointing to the valuable items and in some cases helping load. Uship, does not care, they offer insurance and yet they're not insurance brokers, is highly unlikely that anyone is ever gotten any insurance money from uship because they say it's a contract between you and this crooked shipper, then why does uship offer insurance [great question, I guess because it's a great gig, charging a fee for nothing]. I'm sure everyone understands that only one percent of the people scammed really want anyone know they been scammed or cheated. They rarely report the scam.

Uship, has convinced the federal motor carriers, that they cannot intervene and thus, uship doesn't have to require everyone to have the proper insurance and be verified by the federal motor carriers, using DOT numbers and MC numbers. Uship is a company located in Austin Texas and they will fight anyone vigorously, that tries to interfere with their game and the game is simply making money, has very little if any and all to do with customer service.

Texas, a state where, educationally speaking, fell behind Puerto Rico, a great president was murdered and is the home state of Uship. Texans, be proud because you are in first place and the greatest of all states.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Customer Care.

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Texans are educated enough to know the difference between COOKS and CROOKS, ***.