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Found UShip.com ad in a university magazine. What a huge mistake!

I lost $200 on a deposit to hire two so-called "professional" movers who were total scammers. UShip lets you have the name of the company only after posting your deposit to the anonymous account after the mover wins the bid and you accept it. So, I didn't know who I was dealing with until after sending the deposit money (money order). These two individuals did nothing but email me night and day calling my cell phone leaving literally twenty messages asking for my credit card number so they could get the move started.

The tone of voice and somewhat exasperated behavior of the women over the phone sent off warning signals. So before sending any more money, I decided to try to check out this "mover" that was 2000 miles from me. After some research post-deposit I found the "movers" were only licensed for intra-state moves under their alleged DOT (Dept. of Transportation) name.

Mine was an out-of-state move. With further Googling I discovered that the co-owner was on probation for two North Carolina criminal charges"”as shown on the NC website. Then, I Googled again and discovered, though they claimed to have been in business 7 years, these "˜movers' (two women) had put up their 1-page website the day before they bid on my move. They had zero references on the UShip site and gave no valid business references but a man's local phone number when asked with whom I could check offline.

Soon I discovered all the negative UShip site reviews. I decided to quit this "mover." So, cutting my losses, I gave up UShip and moved on since I was running on a move-out deadline. I went to another internet site similar to UShip but requiring no deposit to get a contact phone number and found a man who bid a reasonable price only to learn this poser was VERY reticent to give a DOT number to prove his claims of having "years and years of moving experience myself." Finally after I told him "no DOT number, no deposit," I got a DOT number. I called the DOT-listed company phone number from the .gov site to confirm that they were bidding on my move.

Suuure. The only good thing about this new guy's scam was he was using the DOT number of a legitimate moving company who had no idea who he was. After I came back to this guy with the news, he got very nasty and used the excuse that he was not a mover "per se" but a broker. The DOT-denominated company had never heard of anyone or anything related to this guy or my move, the sub-contracting or any brokerage.

This alarmed the true DOT owner that some fake mover was using his legitimate DOT number. Now, my tale of woe takes a turn for the better. The real owner of the real DOT company offered to set up a move with me. He was very conciliatory and felt bad that scammers were ruining his profession.

I got very great service from him for a good price. Happy ending. BUT BEWARE! The newest moving scam among cross-country moving sites on the Internet is to collect deposit money (from out-of-state suckers) to set up a move and then never move anything and disappear.

Well, the good thing is on the DOT website (thank goodness for the federal government) under the DOT registered numbers, there are REAL telephone numbers for real licensed movers. Start your search from that pool of numbers if you're going to use a less-than-brand name moving company.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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WoW I didn't realize that we have bad people in this world


The movers that are using Uship does not receive a dime of money until the delivery is done. Then they will receive a code from the customer to key in before they can get payment.

Sorry your unsatisfied but all shippers have reviews on their profile that will tell you what kind of shipper they are..

You have to accept a bid from the shipper soooo do your research.


I'm sorry you had a bad time with movers. I'm a Transport co and use u ship to help full the open trailers.

U ship has asked for my MC# and USDOT# and then checked with FMCSA to make sure that thay where good #'s. I would think thay would do the same for movers. ( i do not do homes i just move equment). Did you talk to some one at U ship about this?

thank god you found a good mover and you did your home work.

a lot do not use the web to check things out. hope your injoying your new home


Uship will refund you if you cancel, but you should know that there are TONS of legit shippers (Myself being one) on Uship. and we do not see a cent of the money until YOU release it to us via a payment code after we deliver. I am sorry you had a bad experience but please do not let one person ruin the rep for all of us on UShip.


I read your article twice. I was not shocked at all about your claim.

Skepticle that you may be just yet another site writing stuff just to boost your own agenda. Like I said I was a USHIP PROVIDER for years. I started out so called illegal to gain capital for the thousands of dollars to become so called legit. If youohave a few thousand dollars you could become a mover too.

This does not make you a good mover or even experienced, just a mover. I have been a quality inspector while in the Air Force. I evaluated movers for a living. Trust me, most of them at the top are only in for the money.

Their bottom workers mostly which are dead beat dads or wife beaters or drug consumers. For the most part the companies themselves try to do the right thing. But as any company you are only as good as your people. Even as an inspector/quality control inspector They stole my goods and all the government says is state your claim and get paid for your loss .60 cents per lb per article for your loss.

This is the industry standard even now. If other companies worked on the feedback system they would not be in business either. I am not in the moving business anymore because of the high cost of being in business and the low cost that scammers can do the business for nothing. The government does not oversee your moving business they just react and try to levy a fine to benifit themselves.

I have been in the moving business as a quality control inspector,customs,operations manager, warehouse manager and dispatcher. I have found most movers are crooks and will only take you for what they can. If I was moving again and did not move myself I would use the POD option myself. (no I do not work for POD either).

The things you listed in your article happen every day in every so called profession I presume. Movers get more of a rap because they come into your home and that makes it personal. USHP is only a site that puts together potential movers or want 2 be's together. Dealing with folks with feedback is your only one recourse.

I worked with most major carriers over the years and i would not let any of them move me personally. But taking a chance with someone on USHP is a far cry better with good feedback than the so called legit movers.