Hello,I shipped two cars with Dave. He and his nice were nice at first but in the end turned out mean.

They dropped off both cars before we arrived from the airport. He made my niece sign the bol in the middle of trying to start the 2nd car started. We arrived 30 minutes later and noticed a broken tail light. Dave only offered to ship a used part from ebay which cost $80 and told me I had to install it.

Two different dealerships quoted me $480 for the part only. I had to pay $607 total to get my new Buick fixed because I moved to a new state. I sent the shipper pictures and after numerous request of pictures from him, he finally sent side views only. From the side views you can see the broken tail light.

I contacted you ship and they had to threaten tge shipper that they would close his account if he didnt provide insurance info. The shipper continues to lie. I took a lost using this shipper. I just want othersto informed.

Next time, i will deal with a larger company. Stay away from D & L.

Monetary Loss: $607.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #604767


>>>20 years experience>>>>>

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #602877

Ever hear of the ols saying "If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't"? or "Caveat Emptor"?

Why do you think legitimate vehicle transporters cost so much..it's because they carry proper insurance for your shipment in case damage occurs. Shame on you for not reading the fine print about the deductible, you did agree to it.He "FORCE" your neice to sign the BOL??? DId he threaten her? Break her arm?

All she had to do was decline and make him wait until you arrived, he surely wouldn't have left without his payment. Even if she did feel the need to sign, she should have noted the damage on the BOL.

Consider it a lesson learned and paid for. :x

Sarasota, Florida, United States #596443

And let me guess what the dumb F*&%s said over at U Suck. "Oh sorry but we are a neutral venue" No worries though because the feds are investigating usucks illegal activity as I write this. It is only a matter of time before it will be known as Usank!

to Worst Nightmare Houston, Texas, United States #596809

usuck lol.... I talked to numerous people at uship and they did nothing really.

The offered a $19.99 refund of the $160 deposit I made and I paid $25 for insurance. The insurance sucks because they only offered $106 because of a silly $500 deductable. I emailed them and called them for over two weeks and submitted all the documents and they still did nothing. They charge a service fee and I found out from the shipper when my car was picked up, they keep the deposit.

I am also upset that they protect the carriers more than they protect the customers. When I asked uship why they were still allowing the shipper to be listed under carrier watch and the shipper refused to talk to me and give me his insurance info. uship threaten to hold d&ls account. The shipper supplied a insurance certificate from usaa but had his agent from progressive call me and tell me there was nothing they could do.

To top the cake the shipper waited two weeks to respond to my feedback and completely lied on me. I emailed uship and sent them proof of my busted tail light on the shippers trailer and they didn't respond. The silly shipper asked me to end him pictures and I did, I asked him to send me his pictures.

He did after a week, but it was the side view. The only good thing about the pictures is once you zoom in, the broken tail light is visible.

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