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Thank you for posting your comments about uShip. You are 100% correct in your evaluation and experiences with uShip.

I would like to discuss this further at some point. I believe this warrants a call to FTC and BBB. I have been a very vocal advocate for legitimate carriers including myself since I started using the on-line services of uship and CitizenShipper. I also had a 5 Star rating with very satisfied shippers, Additionally my profile listed direct links to my Safer public web link as provided by the FMCSA.

I would like to point out there is NO such link for shippers! I'm expected to travel 2300 miles, bare all expenses and hope I don't get ripped off by some person I know NOTHING About. Recently things began to get escalated once uship decided to suspend my account for posting various shipping fee breakdown information for confused and unknowing shippers. Somehow uship even went as far as claiming I had 2 prior warnings regarding the posting of the breakdown of fees and cost associated with a particular potential shipment.

However that was not the case. There was 1 prior warning stating that I can not demonstrate to a potential shipper what the breakdown in fees are. (this practice in itself is where I have a MAJOR issue) In fact in that email they said I must indicate ALL fees INCLUDING uship fees in the bid. (inclusive) In many cases where there is a potential for multiple things to go wrong on a potential shipment, including being ripped off or being responsible for part of the shipment that is NOT our normal responsibilities it can create a detailed and lengthly public dialog about the terms and conditions in which I would agree to a particular shipment, including cost and payment terms.

Since apparently the bidding and awarding process/ terms and conditions of the accepted bid makes me responsible for what I agree to even if its my mistake in leaving a particular piece of critical information out of my terms to ship something. I then began to show cost breakdown to potential shippers, as it warranted; fuel, tolls, insurance, other travel cost AND uship fees. Of course they red-flagged my account and suspended me by saying I had 2 prior warnings and now I'm suspended for 30 days. I rant more explicitly on my web site if you care to read those comments and then reply.

deliveries123. Further more I want to drive this information to other transporters and the general public as much as possible.

I am but an ant in a jungle of ant-eaters. I have no chance to actually affect change against a 100 million dollar company BUT I will at least make my voice heard.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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