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I have been trying to get on the Uship website but all links seem to be no longer available...is anyone else having that same problem? I encountered this once before and I'm not sure what happened. Did they up and run?

Recently, I questioned their contract wording when I received a "red flag" for discussing the Uship fees and now that I cannot log on I'm beginning to wonder if they suspended my account or if they shut the doors completely!

Maybe they finally got busted by the government and maybe they got hacked but for sure, I cannot get on their website from my laptop tonight. Can anyone else?

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Account.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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We apologize if you were not able to log into the site. We may have been updating one of our servers at the time. We also suggest that you update your browser to the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer to minimize receiving errors.

If you received a red flag, then that means one of your statements within the Q&A board or Bid Details was found to be in violation of the User Agreement. Our intention is not to hide the fact that Service Providers pay a fee for every matched shipment, but rather to minimize confusion for the shipping customer. Keep in mind that the customer may pay an Auction Service Fee upon accepting a bid, depending upon the commodity being shipped. We do not want shipping customers to confuse your match fee with their charge. If you are going to breakdown your bid, then make sure to state that each portion (including YOUR uShip fee) is part of your all-inclusive bid.

If you were suspended for having 3 red flags within a 60 day period, then you would no longer be able to place bids to book new shipments. However, an account suspension does not prevent you from logging into your account to complete your currently booked shipments. Furthermore, you are welcome to petition to have your account reinstated for a flag suspension. When in doubt, read our FAQs on the site and contact Member Support.


we feel your pain


If you're having trouble logging onto Uship, it means your account was suspended. Happened to me.

No explanation or anything. You just can't get on there. I thought they were supposed to be a neutral party. When people complain about them, they turn to blame the TSP instead.

They even called family and friends telling them we are bad people and crooks. Of course, my family and friends, set them straight. We were a Christian family business and they bad mouthed our religion and willingness to help people.

Now we're struggling with no jobs in our small town with a baby on the way. God will judge them in the end.


It's May 28 and I'm having the same problem. the pages all have construction signs, maybe mainenance?

but... after reading a FEW complaints...

I'm going over to the shipalmostanything site. It sounds much better!


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Why deal with any of this.

There is a new site www.ShipAlmostAnything.com that just opened. They are a real option to uShip.

There is never a commission charged. They promote complete open communication between the trucker and the shipper. They don't have their hand in your pocket and take a piece of everything you do and earn becaise they charge a low monthly fixed fee of about $1 a day, and you get to bid and win as many jobs as you can, just like on uShip, but on uShip you have to pay them for everything you do, that adds up quick,on ShipAlmosAnything.com all you will spend a month is $39.95, no matter how much business you do and they help you get business, they don't put any roadblocks in your way so you make more money with less hassels. Check it out

They are a partner in business that doesn't have their hands in your wallet.