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Before you hire a single service provider using, keep in mind that they do NOT verify any information provided by its users. This means that using UShip you could actually hire a person who does not have insurance or a valid drivers license.

Before hiring a person or company, ask them to provide you the following information AND then verify this information is truthful and accurate.:

1. Ask for their 'Federal ID Number'; and

2. Ask for their 'State Registry Number'; and

3. Ask for their 'Commercial Drivers License' (CDL); and

4. Ask for a copy of their current 'business insurance policy'.

Contact the Better Business Bureau ( to find out if anyone has filed a complaint against them.

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I too have switched websites and I am now working with I am tired of hidden fees and commissions.

Everyday seems to be some new unexplained change. SAA is a 100% free service. Hoefully in the near future thay will get more postings for shipments.

I invite everyone to do the same.

Plus, since they have open communication between the parties, all information can be exchange in a fair and open marketplace without any cloak and dagger nonsense. Know before you go


I learned the hard way. Mover, Mark C Bibbee, neither licensed nor insured as he claimed.

Now I'm paying a lawyer but going to make sure he stops abusing the system and taking advantage of people.

Check FIRST.

@Ripped off

Really...I was both licensed by DOT and insured by Progressive for a million liability and $500,000 cargo...Never heard from any lawyer. I served many with 95% customer satisfaction but found 5% online booking were just nuts...Like you...Funny how you slander me yet leave no name.

Just who are you?

Another customer with more than you said hoping to *** your way into low price yet found I was fair yet firm when you tried? I had injury a quit moving in 2013 anyway but enjoyed helping many quality people as seen in many reviews on as well as thousands before Uship.

Mark Bibbee 323-490-3573


For a better and safer shipping experience, I highly recommend using instead. I have used them a few times in the past and have never had any issues with my shipments or valuables.


go to it is dedicated to the uship scams


We filed a consumer complaint with the Better Business Bureau against a UShip trucking provider by the name of H&S Movers (aka Scott Donaldson or indexme).

At the time he was hired, this person provided us with falsified insurance documents claiming his insurance with Nationwide General. We contacted Nationwide insurance and they verified that the policy number had been forged and the address given of 1719 Cedar Street in Palm Bay, FL is not associated with any policy, nor is Scott Donaldson or his company H&S Movers.

After filing a complaint with the BBB, Mr. Donaldson was requested by them to provide his legal business address, which he refused to provide (Megan L. Lum of the BBB confirms: "H&S Movers has refused to provide the Better Business Bureau with this information.").

As such, we cannot file a small claims lawsuit against him because there is no way to serve him papers.

When we brought this to the attention of Uship, they informed us that they are not responsible for verifying valid insurance and licenses of businesses operating on their site.

Before you hire any company on UShip, verify that the information you are being provided is accurate. There are many legitimate businesses on UShip, but there are many that are operating on that site because they can conduct business illegally and get away with it on Uship without fear of any repercussions.