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I was a service provider on USHIP. They rob both the provider and the consumers with fees that they never never announce.

Please do not . They also miss advertize that they could save you up to 80% of the cost of the shipping. Aske them to prove it for you. The going rates on uship is higher than any average service provider charges.

The provider has to raise their fees to accomodate the fees he or she has to pay uship. Plus they charge you without you knowing. At the end who end up screwed the most? Yes you.


Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

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Hello, I am here to address the confusion from the original poster. uShip is a website that allows customers that are in need of shipping services to connect with transportation companies that can deliver their items.

It is completely free for a customer to post a listing of their shipment, and free for Service Providers to search for loads they can accommodate.

Charges are only made upon booking a shipment, and the payment process is clearly stated in the User Agreement. The total amount to be payed and received is shown while placing and before accepting a bid.

There should be no reason for a customer or Service Provider to not understand payment, unless they chose to ignore the details during the booking process and the terms within our User Agreement. If anybody is still confused after reading this information, then they are welcome to contact Member Support.


I am a small transporter in Canada and thought I would let a US carrier bring the boat to the border. This was to be done by a Uship preffered company.

Please be aware of Stephens Marine Transport AKA Marinetransportdhs@yahoo.com had to be served with a letter of intent and be threatend with theft charges before I had to travel into the states 250 miles to get the boat a full 2 weeks late.

This was not a $20.000 boat but a 175.000 boat and they would not let me know where it was. Please heed the warning on them and Uship


Hey, Confused. Don't let all these imbeciles that complain about uShip confuse you.

All they want to do is bellyache all the time, and a majority have nothing at all to do with the shipping business. Look at the crying little girl safehorseship. uShip not only explains the use of their site, but people can investigate, and Communicate with the service providers before placing a bid. Furthermore, it is not a site for service providers to make alot of money.

It is a site for the shipper to save money. "The going rates on uship is higher than any average service provider charges." so states safehorsecramp. What a numb service provider he must be, because the rates are usually lower, which makes it bad for service providers.

But he is complaining about it costing the shipper more, yet he says he is a service provider? Go back to your greeting job at wal-mart, safemulecramp.


Aaron, why can you not post feedback on the company you used. If you really used "luv2transport" then you would be able to leave feedback. I used them without a problem.


Are stealing cars,boats,ATVs, hunting vehicles and jetskis and money from anyone they do business with on uship.


I agree, a shipping company damaged my motorcycle and Uship has not replied to any of my emails for any direction. I can't even post feed back on the company "luv2transport". I suggest not using Uship.