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All of the horrifying things that you can imagine happening have happened to me while using uShip. Here's just a selection of what I've been through (all different drivers by the way): I've been threatened by a uShip driver via telephone and text that they know my address and will come find me and show me "who is a big boy." i had a driver pick up my items, call me to say he doesn't work for peanuts and ask for cash on delivery as well as what I paid via uShip .

When I refused, he dumped my stuff out of his car and texted me that he knows where I live. I never saw my items again. I called uShip support to ask what to do, and they said they would relist my items (that had been dumped out god-knows-where). They did relist my items, but they also forged feedback under my name for the driver saying that I had cancelled the order and making no mention of what happened.

I contacted them to have this forged feedback removed. They said that I had given them this feedback over the phone and they just typed it. I said I had definitely not done that and I would like to write my own feedback. They said that it would be impossible to change the forged feedback.

To this day it's still there on the driver's profile. That driver has almost 5 stars by the way.... I've had my items held hostage for a week as the driver tried to gouge me for more money. I had to hire another crew (not from uShip) to go to his address and get my items from his van.

uShip wouldn't give me his address and wouldn't help me. Saying that I should work it out with the driver... the one that was holding my stuff for ransom. Finally had to call the police and get advice as to what to do.

Researched the driver, found his address and name of his wife, emailed uShip that I know where he lives and that I would be in touch with his family members to help me find my items. uShip suddenly had an epiphany and knew where my items were, gave me an exact address. They then asked me to give the payment code to the hostage guy anyway. I asked a driver once for a deliver window, and he screamed that "i better sit on my *** *** until he shows up and he'll let me know when that is." Ive had uShip customer service tell me I"m unreasonable for being scared of drivers sending me threats that "they'll find me and know where i live." I had a driver sexually assault me because he said he liked "that sweet tight ***" and proceeded to try to tear through my shorts with his fingers.

When I freaked out, he said, "why? we like family? Come on man, let me get some." I called uShip and they said I should email them about it. I emailed them about it and they said I need to submit evidence of this happening.

I sent them pictures of the shorts with the damage in the back and they said they are neutral party and cannot do anything nor would they call the police on my behalf. A few months later when I tried to book with uShip, guess who bid on my items... the rapist guy. I contacted uShip to ask why he was still working for them.

They said that "to trust them" that the case was closed. uShip then suspended my account because I wouldn't"make it easy on them" by paying for full delivery but hiring extra people or "friends" to actually bring the items in from the delivery guy's van. I've had items show up to destination wet, covered in black stains. The cargo insurance I paid extra for was complete BS.

You have to submit evidence that the person driving the truck at the time intentionally harmed the item or did so out of negligence. How the *** can anyone prove that? If you value your safety or the safety and sanity of your loved ones, neighbors, friends, enemies or anyone else, please do not use uShip. They offer no guarantee.

They will always take the transport person's side. There is no screening. Reviews are fake.

Anyone could pick up your items or come to your home or place of business. uShip blasts your contact information to a whole crew of big dudes in trucks and there is no oversight or accountability.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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