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The 1st and only time I used UShip and the driver arrived with one of my puppies dead. Driver arrived in the middle of night (3:00 am) and insisted that I give him the code to release the funds. It was incredibly scary, alone female, big guy demanding I release funds.

So I gave home the code but immediately contacted UShip the minute he left my drive way and UShip refused to retract since I had given the code.

I once again tried to use UShip again 2 weeks ago, my puppies were over 8 weeks of age. Health certified by a veterinarian to travel and plus I had all the interstate papers making it legal for my puppies to cross state lines.

UShip once again removed my ad stating violations were committed but yet they refuse to explain to me what violations had I done wrong.

I explained to UShip that I was new to the system and would try to cooperate in any way possible but needed to know what it was I did wrong.

UShip instead banned me again with an explanation. DO NOT USE USHIP or the driver TINYGO4U, he negligently murdered my puppy.

TINYGO4U when arriving at my residence, I asked him when was the last time the puppies ate, TINYGO4U looked at me and said, "I was supposed to feed them."

The guy was fat and gross, how many times did he stop and eat in the 26 hour period when he had my puppies on board, but yet he so *** that he did not feed the puppies.

He even had been provided with a bag of food and a gallon of water, so what did he think that he was supposed to do with that.

Plus when I posted my original ad, special instructions stated that he would need to stop and feed the puppies about every 4 hours and to change out the *** pads.

I did find another site citizenshipper.com who are a lot more reasonable to deal with, a representative from citizenshipper.com walked me through the process indicating what I can or can not do.

Plus I found drivers who are experienced in shipping animals so that they do not arrive dead.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uship Pros: Healthy puppies.

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Tiny is suspended he is the worst shipper on ship



They keep removing your ad and not tiny go 4 u because you are a crazy lady and clam the dog died. but it never happened and you wanted your money back of $1500.

UShip refused and if you go to http://www.uship.com/profile/TinyGo4U/ and see how great the company really is! Let the customers speak for they self.


Anyone wanting to know the truth about klye gray "Tiny Go 4 u and now new business name Animal transportation worldwide LLC - I'm not crazy u did kill my poor dog please anyone wanting to know the truth about this guy please please email me at boris4626@yahoo.com and I will show u all my proffered please don't use this guy I didn't use u ship it was through a mutual friend or my review would be on u ship lesson learned


Oh and FYI most of citizenshippers transporters are also on uship I am on both myself and have transporter over 3000 dogs/ cats in 3 years never lost or killed any animal but then again I am also an animal rescue. Oh and I don't transport for breeders....

Adopt from a shelter or a rescue.......5.5 million dogs are killed in USA a year because of people like you and breeders. Again I am very sorry about your baby RIP puppy


Didn't read whole story but I will say we do deliver 24/7 and want to add that the driver was pretty nice to you for allowing you to release payment code at delivery considering by law payment code is to be released at time of pick up but only for domestic and farm animals all other shipments are at time of delivery. I am very sorry about your puppy though and I hope you filed a lawsuit against this driver, the problem is all you people out there will spend $100's on a breeders puppy but don't want to pay for the transport of your precious babies, so you choose the lowest bids without even reading feedback or profile of that transporter which gets your dogs lost or killed. Again very sorry about your baby.


Serves you right for buying pets from far away. Huge source of scams and abuse. Think of the pain for the poor animals and buy a pig to match yourself.