Sunrise, Florida

This company is a total scam. There fees are outrageous and their customer service non-existent.

Excuses abound as to why they can't get the job done and when you want a refund for their lousy work it's almost impossible to get.

Don't use them, you'll be sorry. at least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 wordsat least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 wordsat least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 wordsat least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 wordsat least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 wordsat least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 words, at least 100 words

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I agree I had a recent issue with USHIP their customer service doesnt exist and they are not willing to help in any way!!!!!


I recommend that you stay away from Uship. It appears the vast majority of transporters bidding on shipments on that website are not licensed and do not have cargo insurance.

Always ask any transporter for their DOT and MC (motor carrier) numbers, most Uship transporters don't have these numbers and are operating illegally if they transport goods for hire across state lines. Google Uship Pissed Consumer and read page after page of unhappy former Uship customers complaints. I called Uship about a company that is not DOT compliant that I know for a fact had items stolen out of their truck, changed their phone numbers, did not compensate their customers for their loss (worth tens of thousands of dollars) and are still bidding on shipments on Uship. The Uship rep said it's not their job to make sure transporters are DOT compliant and did nothing to remove this illegal transporter from their site or protect other Uship customers from this illegal transporter.

This is not an isolated incident, this is Uship's standard operating procedure. Uship makes lots of money off these unlicensed transporters and are not about to forbid them from bidding on shipments on their site. Uship knows that most transporters on their site are not DOT compliant but does nothing about it. Additionally, Uship is acting as a broker by taking a fee on every booked shipment even though they claim to be a Neutral Venue.

Uship is not DOT licensed and not bonded. Once again, I highly recommend you seek out a legitimate, licensed and insured transporter to handle your shipping needs and always verify a transporters DOT and MC numbers.


I have seen the cars alot of you big car haulers haul when they are del they have dents and scratches it take you guys a month to get them 2000 miles so dont down the little guyfir trying to make some money and plus after you big companies win a bid you usually add more charges


i saw the episode with crawfish and the objective was to keep the crawfish alive during shipping so packing them is proper and safe.if the crawfish arrive alive they are safe to eat



I am sorry to hear you did not have a good experience with your service provider. Vehicles are some of the most popular items shipped through uShip and over 90% of feedback left is positive. Unfortunately it sounds there were some issues with your shipment. Please contact uShip Member Support at with your concerns so we can see how we may assist you.

@uShip Member Support

Usuck is not sorry about anything! remember the canned response "neutral venue"?

I highly recommend citizen shipper to transport cars and motorcycles. Many of usuck providers are there and giving about 1/2 the rates that they do on usuck. Why?

Simple reason they are not paying exborant fees on citizen shipper. Greed is going to sink usuck!

@Worst Nightmare

most people go with the cheap bidder in most cases are brokers then they will find someone to haul your car you get what you pay for cheap bidd mean terrible service so dont blame uship for your poor judgement of carrier


I'm very sorry for the trouble you went through, I can feel the frustration you have experienced. My name is Brent Murray (bhm869), owner of S.P.O.T Transportation. I specialize in expensive, custom, and classic cars. As a 1 car at a time enclosed trailer service, I have to charge more for my services, which my customers understand. Their car is my only source of income during that shipment time.

When people post their car on UShip, and their only consideration is price, they generally have problems. I remember a customer who needed a car picked up from a police impound lot because the shipper he hired had some problem that caused his car to be locked up. The funny thing was he again went for the cheapest bid.

You get what you pay for. If you want a professional experience, then you have to pay for a professional.

If you need a car shipped, hire a professional, and you won't be disappointed. UShip is not a shipping company, they are like a dating service. It is up to you to choose wisely.


Very good advice, I wish people would hear it. Thank you.


Your comments are rediculous. I have used Uship at least 5 times and they are great.

prices are good and so is the service.

They are anything but a scam. :( :( :( :( :(


If you happen to catch this series on shipping wars where this very attractive young girl decided to take shrimp from somewhere in New Orleans to up in Chicago and haul it in the back of her pickup bed, with no covering. As she went up the road and the ice melted the sun baking down upon the shrimp she would stop and purchase a few bags of ice.

If you had you what is seen her say on TV in five live camera "I hope this ramp is still okay and nobody gets sick or dies from eating it" food of any kind that requires refrigeration, by state law requires a constant temperature, to prevent bacteria from forming. Up and down unsteady temperature can cause sickness and even death and that is what YOU SIR is promoting, just 10 horror stories would be 10 to many read over hundreds on justice site and imagine only about 1% of the people report things to sites like this.


Shipping wars is a show not real events


Uship is great and does offer info about service providers... when u recieve a bid it is like e bay ..

you can look at their feedback rateing and get an idea of who you are dealing with is true that uship does not screen neither the shipper or the service providr but it is up to you to do your due diligence.

never use a provider that has a 0 feedback level and yes pay an extra 100 dollars to the guy that has 125 feedback with a feedback score of 5.0 stras .. You WILL GET GREAT ERVICE


Try citizen shipper for much better rates than usuck gives. (same providers as on usuck) or simply google whoever is bidding on your freight and call them direct for 15/20% savings. Usuck started out on the right foot but greed has taken over that sinking ship yet CEO Matt Chasen is to *** to see it.

@Worst Nightmare

U ship does charge the carrier way too high of a percentage