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I was looking to buy a dog for my daughter and son. My daughter is turning 15th and my wife and I decided to give her the dog as a gift.

I search for a Puppy. I found an offer of a Male English Bulldog for $500.00 the guy name Larry Hufty from Salt Lake City Utah, he explain on the website he had two puppy's and he need it to sell them since he was a missionary and didn't had time to take care of the dogs because of his schedule. He ask to prefer a Christian family home for the puppy since he love them so much and he even called them babies. We are Christian and we never though this was any type of scam ( how wrong we were).

When I send the email to letting know I was interested in buying (Mile) that was the fake name of the dog, he send me an email with questions for me to answer. After I reply with the answer he ask me to send the $500.00 for the puppy via money gram and the puppy will be deliver the next day. After, I received the email confirming the received of the funds and he was going to the Tranported company that was bringing the puppy to my home the next day. Then, I received another email from Green Wing Tramsporter USA and the contact person name was Nicolas Johnson.

His email was explaining that unfortunately, Larry took the dog in a wrong crate and it was out of code and the puppy was hold at the Airport. They ask for $900.00, but was refundable. I went again and send the $900.00. I received a confirmation email with the received of the funds and the scheduled of the travel with the puppy.

Supposing I was going to received the puppy on Saturday 08/06/2016 at 7:30 AM. At 8:04 I received an email telling my the puppy was already at the Miami Internayional Airport, but they have the puppy on hold because the ownership of the dog need it to be change to me and they required $500.00. If I send the extra money then, at the delivery of the dog I will get my total refund of $1400.00. My wife Rita Cabrera send an email to Larry Hufty asking about this request and he reply was that he was "sorry" for the inconvenience, but it will be better to comply with them to received the puppy.

At that moment my wife Google pet scam and we found several examples of this type, with the same sample of stories, how they request the payment and everything match with our situation. My wife also called Miami International Airport and she ask if the airport hold dogs on this circumstances and the person that spoke with her explain to her the airport don't get involved in this transactions. Of Course the money hurt, but what broke our heart is our children's. They were so excited to have this dog, they wake up so early to wait for the dog.

When we realized it and told them, it was a very hard moment as a family. Please do something to stop this evil people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bulldog Dog.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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i got the same experience like u...i paid the puppy to a certain..Name..Elijah Mason

Address.3351 Corridor Market Pl. 40066

Laurel, Maryland 20724, USA

and the puppy didnt arrive...beware of this person..thanks


That's must really suck I'm very sorry to hear that I deal with a lot of scammers especially for parrots but you just need to really think about it, ask a lot of questions, and make sure that No ONE rushes you to purchase anything. Especially animals through a "animal transport agency" and pay with wired money.