Seattle, Washington
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there is no phone number to help with problems a shipper called and said she was going to pick up my car today for 600 bucks i told her that i had a bid of 495 why would i use her she told me that i have put a bid now for 600 i never did that i put in that i did not want to pay over 600 for the shipping. she said we were in a contract and i had to ship with here so i after looking on the uship web site i could not find a number so i got will never use uship hope it was worth losing me over 100

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

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Uship is a market place for scammers. Don't bother contacting their attorney, Scott Morris.

He posts on everyone of these complaints so he can get your information and shut you up.

I got scammed by Uship, Some dodgy company with a billion complaints in colorado and a dozen names/aliases picked up my car, kept it for weeks never delivered it, told me my bid was too low and they wouldn't deliver it unless I gave them more money, and then demanded a $1000 from me when I went to pick it up. Uship did exactly nothing. The Larimer County Sheriff Department, Colorado Attorney General, Larimer District Attorney all are very familar with the owner and his business practices.

Some kiwi with a criminal history in New Zealand and Australia has apparently moved here and using Uship as his new venue for ripping people off. That's the kind of people you get with Uship.

Scam artists. Go elsewhere fast or say good bye to your car.