Stockbridge, Georgia

I have used uShip to send things 5 times now over two years- everything from my dog to a 2004 Accord to my son's entire apartment.

It is a terrific site that empowers consumers to save a lot of money while also providing smaller transportations companies the ability to make money filling excess capacity.

Is it failsafe? No. You must follow commonsense - If you insist on taking the absolute dirt cheapest bid from someone with zero or worse feedback and then you stupidely send them wire transfers of money before they do anything - yeah you might not have a great experience (duh!).

If you are not a cheapscape, get a contract, only use a credit card, and always review feedback, you will be fine. Most of these complainers fall into the first category (or they are competitors trying to win business away from uShip). Just apply some commonsense and you will find uShip to be one of the best sites on the internet.

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To address the concerns in this post, please review uShip's terms and conditions stated within the User Agreement. In it we clearly state our policies and role in the shipment process.

We are simply a neutral venue for shipping customers to connect and enter into agreements with Service Providers. uShip is not a broker because we do not contract carriers, endorse, or select them for shipping customers. Instead, we empower the shipping customer to use their best judgment when selecting a Service Provider to meet their shipping needs.

The purpose for our Safe Shipping Guide, available on the site, is to educate our customers to make more informed decisions before accepting a provider's service. Visit Member Support to read our FAQs and/or submit your questions.


The dirt that Uship doesn't want you to see

Information you won't find any other way!

For a good sampling of what you may experience when using one of the 1000’s of illegally operating Carriers on Uship, just GOOGLE the entire phrase below. Click on the results and read through the feedback of the 100’s if not 1000’s of incidents of stolen money, property, property damages, extortion and abandoned property.

These profiles were suspended, but the damage was already done. The suspensions are done to keep this information from damaging the site‘s reputation and not let the truth trump the propaganda that the site publishes all over the net.


This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended)


Negative site:UShip.Com


Are stealing cars,boats,ATVs, hunting vehicles and jetskis and money from anyone they do business with on uship.


Are stealing cars,boats,ATVs, hunting vehicles and jetskis and money from anyone they do business with on uship.


dear pc88868,

I see that you infact are one of the lucky ones that was not taken for a ride .The fact that u-ship says that they are a "neutral venue" is infact a lie when they are profiting from a so called 9.9% match fee (commission). u ship is infact is brokering loads without a federally mandated motor carriers brokers license or a property broker surety bond and putting you in risk just absolutely blows my mind! If something was to happen to any of your items that you had transported you would legally not have a leg to stand on and would nothing more then a he said she said .These people are just outright illegally flying under the wire and when they do get caught they may very well be spending some time or at the very least paying some incredible fines.chapter 149,section 14902.civil penaltys for accepting rebates from carrier (tsp),a person (1) delivering property to a carrier providing transportation or service subject to juridiction under chapter 135 for transportation under this part or for whom that carrier will transport the property as a consigner or consignee for that person from a state or territory or possession of the united states to another state or possession ,territory,or to a foreign country, and (2) knowingly accepting or recieving any means a rebate (commission) or offset against the rate for transportation for,or service of, that property contained in a tariff required under section 13702 ; is liable to the united states for a civil penalty in an amount equal to 3 times the money that a person accepted or recieved as a rebate (commission) or a civil action under this section, all money or other consideration recieved by the person during a period of 6 years before a action is brought under this section may be included in determining the amout of the penalty, and if that total amount is included, the penalty shall be 3 times that total amount.Do yourself a favor and use a federally compliant carrier and have a good nights sleep!