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After hiring with U Ship to pick up a truck and trailer in one state to ship to another, the tow driver, Jeremy Tuttle, picked up our truck and trailer, drove it to his house in Tennessee and is now holding our truck and trailer hostage until we agree to pay $2400.00. Mr.

Tuttle called us after picking up the truck and trailer, stated he had to wait over 6 hours to pick it up, wanted us to pay for his wait time and then wanted us to pick up our property from his house in Tennessee. It was supposed to be shipped to Alabama. Now U Ship is telling us to keep communications lines open with Mr. Tuttle and want us to solve the issue between us.

We have sworn out warrants for Mr. Tuttle and have demanded the return of our money from U Ship. We have not heard back.

Do not use this company for anything. Once you pay them, say good bye to your money and your property until law enforcement recovers it for you.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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