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I am sorry to report that my dog was hurt during transport, and Tina Elkins, very surprisingly to me, has been 100% unwilling to even discuss the issue with me on the phone. I was stunned by her excellent reviews and didn't hesitate to book her to transport my dog across country. However my dog suffered pressure ulcers from the crate and lost 4 lbs during transport. Despite being in touch once daily with Tina throughout the transport, I was not informed of any of this when it occurred.

Chillingly, when she arrived, she told me that these sores had been started when she picked the dog up, which is not true. When I emailed her with these concerns after delivery, she asked for vet documentation of all of this which I provided only hours later. However at this point I have received only minimal response from her, no acknowledgement or empathy for the problem, and being told that that I am to blame because my dog was underweight (58 lbs at time of pick up, now 54) when she was picked up – Tina went as far as to tell me ‘I can’t take care of my dog and I should give her away’ which I feel is first of all completely untrue, unrelated to the issue at hand, and frankly a cruel and unnecessary response to a problem reported by a customer. The fact that my dog was having problems gaining weight at home (for which I took her to the vet and was addressing actively) does not account for pressure ulcers or the fact that she lost so much weight during transport over only a few days.

I am growing increasingly concerned that not only when this vendor encounters a problem, she will not report to the owner, but even worse, when you report concerns, she will refuse to talk to you about it in a civil manner. I started by asking her to discuss this privately between us to avoid posting unfavorable reviews given her previously stellar reputation, but given the state of this situation I am considering even pursuing follow up with the ASPCA and further legal charges to avoid this happening to others. If any one has doubts about the veracity or extent of the concern I am happy to provide all documentation and it has been provided to who I hope will mediate a solution to this sad situation. At this point my dog has developed cellulitis in these ulcers and is on oral antibiotics, though she was not taken to a veterinarian and I was not notified of it when it developed thus a delay in diagnosis and treatment of cellulitis.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $712.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer, Customer Relations Manager at CitizenShipper. I was both shocked and dismayed to hear about your experience.

I'm really sorry to hear that you had to go through all this.

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We also feel our community policed review and feedback system helps users to *** out undesirable members leaving only the drivers who conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity. In addition to this, we've also just integrated a dispute resolution system which further enhances user safety on our site.

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Something similar happened to my company when i used to do pet Currier services.

Shipping a pet its just like shipping a car, you have to look at it all around! check teeth, dog foliage/hair color and any rashes (not just for the dog, but if shipping multiple dogs you ought to help no spreading).

The point is... you almost had to have a veterinary degree when picking it up!!!

So i feel you, your pet did not looked like that when picked up... but did it had the rash or ulcers to a minimal show when picked up?

if so thats the dilemma... the shipper overlooked at it.. or if looked at it .. it failed to report it to you and dismiss the shipment.

was the pet in a cage not big enough for it? was it his cage? was the carrier a dedicated pet Currier?

thus if it happened to you then it probably has happened to many other people with this carrier.

in this case if the carrier failed to mention it to the sender when picking it up.. than its their responsibility when accepting the load and you ought to get mad...