Greenville, South Carolina
Not resolved

Another uship illegal broker, not listed on safersys, not DOT legal.

scammer, scammer, scammer. reported to IRS and DOT for tax evasion and illegally brokering freight.

Keep an eye on their office, all the equipment will be seized and the space will be for lease again.

posts on uship about this illegal broker

"LDM agreed to pickup my boxes on September 7. The boxes were never picked up. When I called to check the status they took my credit card information and agreed to pick the boxes up on September 8. LDM claims that my credit card was declined although I have proof that my card was charged. LDM refused to talk to my bank, refund my money or pick up my boxes. This has left me stranded in search of a last minute method to have the boxes delivered and now all the funds in my account are tied up"

"A frustrating experience with the right outcome. LDR booked my shipment with a freight carrier that turned out to be financially insolvent. The shipment was held by Fedex Ground resulting in the delivery date being late by 14 days....the responsiveness of the company could have been better. The company did not have a sense of urgency in solving the problem. I had to call them many times."

"his is my 2nd deal with LDM Intl. The 1st was well done, but light on the communication. This one was very late in delivery....but again, the communication was much less than what I want. LDM has the best price, and completed their task, the neutral rating is for my desire for better info regarding my shipment. Daily updates are a bare minimum. I will consider using them again, however."

"I was disappointed with how long it took for the shipment to be picked up by the subcontracted UPS company..I am rating this as a negative experience because they are aware UPS drivers are not timely in following the set schedule but they still keep using them. Also, a few boxes were torn and opened."

"Buyer BEWARE! My very expensive dining table was delivered badly damaged and I refused delivery of the table. I have called LDM multiple times to find out how they are going to resolve the problem but nothing has been done. They are not answering the phone and I have left several messages but they have not returned my call. Shipping is paid upfront, so not only do I not have my dining table, I am also out almost $250 that I paid for shipping. I would not use this company even if they were free."

"A bad bid by the provider. My project description said I was shipping from 13210 to 75652, but the provider bid on a local move only."

"Customer cancelled after communicating directly – did not feel comfortable moving forward...the person that I left as contact for this shipment says that she has not seen anybody from UPS today so I am not sure how anyone with the shipper got into the apartment. The statements are erroneous. The boxes that I want shipped are completely packed and taped closed and are just as pictured in the picture that I posted with my listing… "

"emailed that company couple of times never got any responds agent called me and left me a phone number but every time i call them i get to the answer machine left message and my messages never been responded "

"I stated in my add that the shipment was an un-boxed painting, and that it had to be picked up specifically on Monday…. I don't believe the shipper read the details of my ad."

"Customer feels I misrepresented my business and/or services Recounting the contacts I made with LDMinternational and the attempted contacts is a waste of time as was contracting with them in the first place. It's been 10 days since they were to pick up the shipment"

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