Frankfort, Michigan

I see all these complaints. Your right.

Uship makes it very easy for scammers, thieves and thugs to damage, abandon and steal you property. All while you are paying them to do it. But you did too. Did you pick the lowest price.

I'll bet 80% of you did. Uship has a good idea, but they need to make changes. Uship needs to make sure that all that have profiles on their site are legal and insured transporters. I am a legal and insured transporter.

From what I have seen I think 80% of the people that have profiles on Uship (as a transporter) are not legal transporters. Chances are, if you pick the lowest price that transporter is not legal. I can't compete with them. I pay $5000.00 a year to insure one pickup.

It's up to you to check them out. Everyone wants to save money. How much money did it save you? Look in the mirror people.

Put some of the blame on yourself. We live in a society now where everyone wants the other person to protect us. It doesn't work that way and never will. If you need something transported.

Do your homework. At a min. a legal transporter need USDOT numbers, MC numbers (if crossing state lines) and commercial insurance. Thats not that much to check out.

Call the insurance agent. Go online and check the DOT and NC numbers. Make sure all these things belong to the person your dealing with. These people are using numbers off of any truck going down the road.

I have given you some of the things you need to know. Use them to protect yourself. Nobody's going to do it for you. Most of us legal transporter's have websites.

Look us up.

It will be cheaper in the long run. Happy shipping to all of you.

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Its the people arranging all the shipping idiots do your research and catch the filthy *** or make it so that they can't commit such fraud


uShip wholeheartedly agrees that shipping customers should do their homework when it comes to choosing a Service Provider. This is why we offer a Safe Shipping Guide full of tips and resources, which is available to every user on the site.

Customers are also strongly encouraged to review a Service Provider's profile for company information, ratings, written feedback, etc. as well as their communication with them on the site before accepting a bid. If either party still does not feel comfortable after having booked the shipment, then either party can initiate a cancellation on the site before the shipment is ever picked up. Effective communication and research is essential to delivering a shipment safely.

Every Service Provider that is a uShip member has agreed to the uShip User Agreement which states that they can only bid on items that they are legally able to haul. With that said, uShip does not screen any Service Providers. However, there is certain information that customers can request from the Service Providers to verify their credentials, identity and such.

These include: insurance information, references, bills of lading, MC/DOT numbers (if relevant), etc. When in doubt, ask questions of the Service Provider and other appropriate parties before making a final decision to accept their bid or go forth with a booked shipment.

Please review our User Agreement and Member Support FAQs for answers to the most discussed about topics.