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I decided to buy an English Bulldog for my husband for our 2 year anniversary tomorrow. I paid 420 to ship not counting the 35 extra to send the money.

They contacted me again a few hours later to tell me that we needed to pay insurance on the puppy which was another 1,768 and that we would get it back once the puppy was delivered to our door. Saturday morning they call me telling me that we would have our puppy at 4:15 pm. I'm the one that was authorized to get the puppy so I had to stay home all day waiting for it. I get an email at 3:50 pm telling me that the puppy is in Hawaii!!

that he would be there for 6 months. Then they called me telling me that I couldn't get our puppy for 6 months. Mind you in the email they sent they had the wrong name. They sent my dog to another customer and they deliver her dog here in Co.

They said they tried everything they could do to get the dog back and they the state wouldn't release the puppy for 6 months. We told them that we wanted our money back. Call it good. Well they said that we would get 25,000 back from insurance.

They said we could get the money today. We are thinking good. Well I get yet another email today telling me that we owe them another 3,339 for the ATM card and insurance on the card! Well we have the money but me card wont work not a big deal.

I call western union and I had the pull the account number up. I asked them if the USHIP could cancel the transaction and everything get the money back and put it in our bank account. Western union told me yes they could. I call and tried to talk with them about it.

The Agent Richard kept talking over me and yelling at me wouldn't let me explain what was going on. I talked with the sup. He started yelling at me as well. I have a temper and I lost it.

I told him to shut up listen ( the not so nice way) and explained like 6 times to him that I can't pay it. I have a spending allowance on both debit/credit cards. He then told me to go and withdraw money and send it. I told him that I can't withdraw money off one my card.

He told me that he would drop it to 1,800 that we would be paying. i had to tell him again that we couldn't do that because I have a spending allowance. I asked the sup and the agent to cancel the transaction and to please put in our bank account like I asked them to do in the first place. They told me that they couldn't do that because they already paid for it.

I told them what western union told me. The sup finally agreed to see what he could do and call me tomorrow. We ARE LOOKING FOR A LAWYER NOW. We done with the games.

We want our money back. to be honest with you all the 25,000 means nothing to us. We just want the money that they owe us which would be the 2,339.

We told them that we will take them to court either way we will get our money back. We might be young but, we ARE NOT ***.

Monetary Loss: $2339.

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You paid $2300 to a stranger for a puppy? Send me $2300 and I will look for your puppy.


Hi XopoptartXo,

I am very sorry to hear that you have fallen victim to a scam that unfortunately lures individuals using our trusted uShip name to send money via a wire transfer. uShip is an online marketplace where those that need shipping services can list their needs and receive bids from independent transporters. uShip is not involved in the actual shipment of any items, and we are not involved in the purchase or sale of any items.

Keep in mind that any correspondence coming from a uShip representative will originate from the "" domain. An email from an individual claiming to be from uShip that is sent from any other address should be considered fraudulent. I would encourage you to not engage in any transactions with this individual and to contact the site where you found the ad to report it as being fraudulent, as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( Please contact our Member Support at if you have any questions.

-uShip Member Support

@uShip Member Support

trusted uship name? your kidding me right?

Just look at the thousands and thousands of negative marks against uship all over the internet!

if it were a few hundred I would say maybe those people are the problem but when their is thousands upon thousands than surely all these people can't be wrong. Do ya think?


I don't really understand why anyone would buy a dog, much less a dog that is another state with a company I know little, if anything about---and, sight unseen at that! However, your story is witness for others to not do things like this.

If you want a dog, find a farmer whose barndog has had a litter and he will give you one.

Or, better yet, get one from the local dog pound and save a dog's life. Just a thought.