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Date of Incident: 02/12/2016

uShip Shipment ID Number: 254622522

Pick-up Point: Gayle O’Neal (757)675-6499

Destination: Jeremy Goforth (256)345-5868

Trophy Line Transport

Cassie & Jeffery Morris

Cassie: (903)724-0754

Jeffrey: (903)922-5340

Jeremy Goforth specified to Cassie all of the necessary information regarding the shipment, including the size of the cage for transport.

On February 12, 2016 at 8:02am, Transporter Jeffrey arrived alone, in a 4-door Dodge with Texas plates. Cage would not fit through the door. Transporter Jeffrey wanted us to remove all the zip-ties and monkey from crate, break the crate down, put it into backseat of the truck, re-erect the crate, zip-tie it, and put monkey back into the crate, and finish zip-tying it closed. I explained this was not practical, as there was too much of a chance for an escape, that monkey’s are quick and unpredictable. In an effort to make the transport happen, I asked Jeffery to go to WalMart and purchase tie-wraps (as we were out).

Let me explain here . . . . I am a USDA Licensed Breeder of Domestic and Exotic Animals. It seems here of late, the Transporters we hire for moving animals all across the Country, come to us saying they have their necessary licenses, experience, etc.; when, in fact, they do not. It is very frustrating, to say the least, as there is a lot more time and effort getting an animal ready for transport, than just throwing them on a trailer or in a cage/vehicle the morning of and sending them on down the road. Larry, my husband, is so annoyed over the lack of intelligence people have for the sake of making an almighty dollar; and neither of us do ‘***’ very well anymore, being in our 60’s.

During all of this, Honey, one of my most cordial Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s, was at our feet and Jeffery had been petting her, and we did have a brief conversation about her. Honey got-up and went to her usual spot, just under our 35’ flatbed hay-trailer (pictured as it is usually parked and was on 2/12), and laid down; (you can turn a tractor trailer around in our parking area, as this is a farm).

Jeffrey got in his truck and immediately was on his cell-phone and driving straight, so he could turn around. It was obvious he was not paying attention, as he drove way too close, along the side of the flatbed trailer; (while the rest of the parking area was wide open). Had Larry not hollered to get Jeffery’s attention, he would have sideswiped our dually’s fender. Jeffery turned his truck around, (still fumbling with his cell-phone), and was heading out when Larry saw that Jeffery had run-over Honey, and started yelling for him to stop; (Jeffery was still on his cell-phone). I saw Honey and went hysterical, Larry was beside himself, and Honey had already bled-out, as Jeffery had run-over her head and smashed it flat. Jeffrey finally got out of his truck and saw what he had done, then got back in his truck, and drove away; never saying a word to us. It was at least 20 minutes before I got myself together enough to call Cassie, (the only telephone number I had); she knew nothing about it, and instantaneously began defending Jeffery, saying he did not see the dog, he did not do it on purpose, that it was an accident, trivializing the incident, and hung-up. I tried to call back, Larry tried to call Cassie back; but, she would not answer the phone; and, Jeffery was gone; which left Larry and I with Honey lying on the ground, half under the trailer, with a squashed head, in a pool of blood, dead. We were so upset.

*That’s when the texting began. (I copied the texts exactly as they were written. I do not have one of those fancy phones; just a Verizon Pantech.)


Friday, Feb.12,9:09am

From Cassie: (903)724-0754 – Gayle I am so sorry for what happened to your dog…my husband did not see your baby in his path and is very distraught as well…we love animals and would never hurt any animal intentionally… From what I have been told though y’all were being very very ugly to him before he even got out of his truck…that was not right…you should have given him time to work it out before freaking out…I will also be calling the local police there to let them know what happened on both sides from what I have been told because y’alls behavior was not acceptable as humans on any level… Again, my husband did not see your dog in his path and he as well is very hurt than happened… I am so sorry Gayle…

Friday, Feb.12,9:09am

From Larry: (757)675-6499 – This is Larry my wife was never nasty in any way I however may have been a little rude as I am so fed up with being told one thing and getting something else we had been led to believe that the monkey was being picked up by a van type vehicle that the cage would fit in and went thru the trouble to make sure he wouldn’t get out but as always it was a waste of time and we have to go thru all these changes again so yes I get a little upset as I don’t have time for this. Yes I understand it was an accident and we all have them from time to time but and he wont admit it but he had been petting her and knew she was out there but when he got back in the truck he grabbed the phone to dial you up and wasn’t watching where he was going or he would have seen her. We all have accidents and when we do we are liable for our mistakes.

Friday, Feb.12,9:16am

From Cassie: (903)724-0754 – I understand Mr. Larry but the way you acted toward a man you do not even know was unacceptable on every level and like I said, once I get to my firm I will be reporting the incident…thank you for acknowledging that it was an accident…my husband is very upset…he loves animals sir…if the situation would have been calm from the start I’m sure it would have all worked out sir…again I am very sorry about your animal but please know that we do not do this just for money…we do it to help people…as you can see from the lack of a van we do not cram animals in and on top of each other…we were just trying to get the most key (monkey) home…the man that owns him knew exactly what we were driving…please in the future try to be calm and give people a chance to figure things out before blowing up…I know Gayle was not nasty but you were…

Friday, Feb.12,9:47am

From Larry: (757)675-6499 – I have talked to the owner and he said that the size of the cage was known and that it had to be able to be put in the vehicle. That meant loaded with the animal. We are dealing with a monkey. Taking it from a cage outside and taking a chance of it getting loose isn’t a good thing. But that or how I acted has nothing to do with the fact that our family member has been taken from us and you folks should be willing to make it right. Gayle ask that you send her your business license and insurance information and auto insurance info. If I had run over your dog you wouldn’t be happy if I just walked away because I didn’t like the way you acted.

Friday, Feb.12,9:50am

From Cassie: (903)724-0754 – Sir he actually would have stayed and bury the dog for you…that’s the type of person my husband is…but you were verbally attacking HIM!!!! Please do not contact me again… And as far as providing you with anything…I don’t have any animal of yours in my possession so that will not be happening.

Friday, Feb.12,9:54am

From Cassie: (903)724-0754 – And please tell me sir…how in the world could having an animal that was a family member be run over made right? Do you want us to pay for this animals death? Will that bring him back sir? Will that make you feel better? I don’t think so…what do you want us to do sit(r)?? It was an accident and you know it…I’m sure you have run over something before not knowing it was there

Friday, Feb.12,9:57am

From Cassie: (903)724-0754 – Please tell Gayle we are so sorry about what happened…she has not been ugly at all towards us…I understand and I have been through what she is going through now…

Friday, Feb.12,10:03am

From Larry: (757)675-6499 – Ok so burying my dog would have made things right. He was on my property when he killed my dog and I know I should have acted nicer but it sounds like you feel that because I didn’t act the way you think I should that it was ok to run over the dog that had don nothing.

Friday, Feb.12,10:04am

From Cassie: (903)724-0754 – No I do not think it was right!! But it WAS AN ACCIDENT…HE DID NOT KNOW THE DOG WAS IN HIS PATH…yes he knew the dog was outside but he did not know it was in his path…you already know that…

Friday,Feb.12,10:07am From Cassie: (903)724-0754 – And yes if you had been CALM and everyone was civil this most likely would not have happened because it might could have been figured out without him having to leave the property

Friday,Feb.12,10:11am From Larry: (757)675-6499 – Your right you cant bring it back but you could offer to replace the pet that would have been the thing to do. I did not attack your husband never touched him, was just very upset.


From: Gayle

Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 3:15 PM

To: Cassandra Morris

Subject: Insurance Information Request

Importance: High

Cassie Morris,

I am respectfully requesting your Business Insurance and Automobile Insurance information.

The only other alternative is to file a Civil Suit against you, and have you come to Chesapeake, Virginia to answer the claim. The maximum allowable claims in Virginia Civil Court is $14,999.00.


From: cassiemorris1982

Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2016 5:03 PM

To: Gayle

Subject: RE: Insurance Information Request

Mrs. Gayle,

I would be happy to get you another dog sent your way. I have reviewed the laws and insurance information on this matter and if you feel like the best action for you is to file suit I would recommend you do so...however, it is the owners responsibility to have animals properly contained from my understanding and this was an accident ma'am. The dog never should have been laying near the vehicle to begin with...again we are very sorry for your loss but you have got to understand that the dogs location was not able to be seen from the cab of the saw how tall it was...again I am sorry for your loss and if you want we can get another mixed breed dog sent to you to match what you have lost, otherwise do what you feel necessary...and please do not contact me again or I will charge harassment suit against you as well as charges against your husband for his behavior...we do have evidence of such behavior. DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN MAAM


I have never attempted to contact Cassandra again.

Reason of review: Negligent Transporter ran over my Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Replacement of a breeder Pembroke Welsh Corgi..

Uship Cons: Incompetent negligent insensitive.

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