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I wanted a dog for my kids and I search on the net for Melbourne location. But the owner is either at Darwin or Perth that required transport fees.

Then asking me my detail and told me about her sad story of having cancer and going on treatment soon. I said I can't afford if expensive. So, she is willing to give me the dog for free and just ask me to pay transportation fee which is $200 for one dog and $350 (for two) first thing tomorrow morning and someone from the transport com will contact me and ask my details.

Then, the next day someone called me to ask me pay after receiving email for transportation of the pet. He doesn't speak English well with strong accent.

Then they email me to certain western union address that I can go after get my address. I felt not right to pay through western union and call again on the number they send me (2 different numbers). However, the same guy picked up my phone and I feel even not right. I said can I pay BPAY or credit card?

He said I can but still go to western union website. I felt getting weird. I though it's a big company why no company direct online pay but has to go through western union. But I still go anyway to find this western union as directed around my area.

Luckily, the post office man asked me that if it's a gift or buying items? I said buy from internet but pay the transport com. They asked me again if I have received the goods yet? I said 'no'.

Then they said be careful of scam. Because as soon as you sent the money, you cannot tract them and you can't complain or get refund. Nothing to protect you at all. So, I think again and call the uship com.

I said: I would not pay until I see the puppy. And plus I never met this Mrs passy. We only communicate through email because she said she is sick has cancer so can't hear very clear and insist on communicate through email only. She even asked me what religious I am.

Hmmm.... Must be very careful. So, I told the manager of uship again that I am only willing to pay $50. And you are a scam, I just lost $50.

First he said no, the end he said ok for $75 and asked me to pay the rest $125 after I received the pet. I felt weird... I called my husband, and he felt weird toothed asked me to double check it. So, I email mrs passy to get a copy of her driving license.

She said she didn't bring it and she got a driver because she is sick. It's getting strange. As I know, if she is rich that can have driver why bother send the dog away? Then she said she only got $50 left for the last money which pay the uship com already.

Hmmm.... Story doesn't match... She didn't send me her details when I asked. So incheck on uship scam.

It comes out many complaint and scam... Lucky for me not pay anything yet.

So, my advise is not to pay anything you buy through internet except PayPal. Never pay via western union. Never give too much details and asked their details first and landline number for security and their address.

However, the add company must also responsible for letting this scam advertising happened. Uship needs to act about it coz they using their names.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I just got scammed for 800$ to have a back pug delivered to us. After 2 hrs of being late, i looked the company up on the internet and found its a scam.

I already paid the 350 fee for dog and 415 for vet services. We wired the $$$$ so there is no way to track it!!!!