Greensboro, North Carolina
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uship is not the way to ship . I hired thru uship level 1 tran to picked up ford tractor i bought on ebay they picked it up mon 3/29/2010 they said it would be delivered that night by 8:00 thay never called when i called then they had been 40 miles and broke down .the next day i had to call again .there engine was shot and had to go to georgia to get a truck.I had to call him each day ,sometimes i got him sometimes i didn't.I emailed u ship they emailed me back ,and said it was up to me and the shiper to worked it out .long story short ,level 1 tran got back with truck .put his broken truck on the trailer took my tractor off and left it in a parking lot in crystal springs pa.I had to hire trucking comp in greensboro nc to go get mt tractor.

he cancelled and uship sent me a email this was on 4/6/2010 i got my tractor 4/7 2010 on my own with no help from uship. they gust don't give a dam.

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FYI - The Bill Vaughn who posted this has no connection with me, the Bill Vaughn who coaches real estate investors. Different folks altogether.


Uship does have a way of changing posts when it makes them look bad. One that I posted in feedback was "Marisa thinks she knows it all." She works for Uship and called my friends and family to tell them I was a bad person and that they should not associate with me.

Of course, they told her to never call them and that I was a good Christian person. Now my post reads: "Marisa knows it all." Very rude account rep.


USHIP.COM changes the wording again! This is done to make those posting the "truth" look like fools. It's the "dirt" that UShip doesn't want you to know!

It used to read:

This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended)

It now reads:

This member is currently suspended from the uShip site. Please contact Member Support if you have questions

Use the ADVANCED Google search option by copy/paste of the phrase above and a search of the domain name UShip.Com