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I provide services through Uship. Folks - you need to check out everyone - you need to have names, phone numbers, addresses.

Legitimate people will give you that. Some of these complaints are not Uship's problem. There are scammers everywhere. Do your homework and you will not be scammed.

I guarantee you that 99% of the people up there are legitimate.

However, they run loads of thousand per day, so yes, there will be a percentage that are not legit, like in anything. You can go with Ebay or CL, which can be even worse, or hire an expensive shipping company, and they still have problems!

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The problems are not the shippers it's the unbelievable people that belive anything they hear!!..they have texted and emailed their way to helpless fools...if they had the slightest common sense they would talk to the shipper in person and get references then pay when the load arrives!!...but that would require actually ..talking ..to someone which takes way to much time..their all so busy texting they don't know they have been robbed by some Nigerian till no follow up Emil arrives!!..

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