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I first want to say I'm a car dealer and I ship cars every week, however, this is the first and the very last time I will ever use UShip or National Transport. I also have 2 other dealers in my office that ship more than I do who will not use UShip or National Transport.

UShip it's not the company that you see on Shipping Wars. They would have a failing business if it wasn't for shipping wars. Uship is a broker that allows brokers to "book" shipments without a carrier for your merchandise. I booked a SOLD car with National Transport through UShip for a client of my dealership on 3/3/14, shipment booked 3/4/14 it was to be picked up within 2-5 days and delivered within 3 days of being picked up; today is 3/12/14 and I've been told that they don't have anyone willing to bring the car to me because I'm not in a BIG Metropolitan city.

That's not my problem. I booked the carrier with all the ACCURATE pickup and delivery info. I was also told that carriers don't like to pick up shipments that have been booked through UShip because they don't always get the funds released to them.

My credit card was charge $699.99 on 3/4/14, UShip has had my money for almost 10 days and National Transport is NOT going to be shipping my car. BEWARE of UShip and National Transport.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer, Customer Relations Manager at CitizenShipper. I was both shocked and dismayed to hear about your experience.

I'm really sorry to hear that you had to go through all this.

I wanted to let you know about CitizenShipper.com. We're also an online shipping marketplace, and connect customers like you with drivers. What really distinguishes us from other service is our commitment to customer safety and satisfaction. Drivers on CitizenShipper undertake stringent screening checks before picking up any customer shipments, including a nationwide Background Check, and also address verification.

We also feel our community policed review and feedback system helps users to *** out undesirable members leaving only the drivers who conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity. In addition to this, we've also just integrated a dispute resolution system which further enhances user safety on our site.

If you do find yourself in need of quotes and professional drivers, please reach out to me on jennifer 'at' citizenshipper dot com, or call me on 1-888-263-4804 and I'd be happy to find you a professional driver.




You are the one though that failed first and foremost though. No disrespect but my experience with car dealers is they want the cheapest service first and not the best service or most reliable service.

Did you even look at the profile of the persons bid that you accepted before you hit the accept bid button? You are the one that chose a freight broker and not a direct carrier. A freight broker looks at the distance and makes his bid for the distance and not the pickup and dropoff. He sends that bid once accepted out to his carrier network and the carrier sees the remote pickup or dropoff for the $ that is offered and nobody takes the load.

The broker then can't fulfill his obligations to you, you get pissed off and the client can get his vehicle.

Next time you use the site, review the profile of the people bidding to make sure that they are a direct carrier only. Make sure they are legal and properly insured. Ask more questions, like are you aware of the remote dropoff location for example. This falls right back to you and nothing to do with uShip.

You made the choice and probably based on price. Do more homework next time and you might find a world of reliable shippers. We do $300,000 a year of business on that site, reliably with a perfect delivery record. Am I the cheap bid, definitely not.

I am a mid to high bid, I am legal in Canada and the USA, I am commercially insured and I do it right.

I am the type of carrier that you need in order for you to eliminate problems like this in the future.

Ask more questions, do more legwork and your outcome would be far far different.


First of all, I did not fail. I did my research on the carrier, for a week to be exact.

This carrier was located in the same city that the car was being picked up from and the reviews were 4 out of 5. They were delivering to a city where the carrier also has an office. However, the bad reviews were from clients that BID and didn't get their product pick-up or delivered as promised. There was no bidding involved, I chose a direct quote, they most certainly were NOT the cheapest, and I don't live in an a remote area.

I live in a big city and I wasn't looking for the cheapest rate. I didn't need the cheapest rate; ultimately my customer was paying the shipping, I needed the car here quickly and my shipper couldn't get it here when I needed it. I don't need you to school me on how to run my shipments, how a broker or shipper works, or how to use the internet to research. Do your research.

I work with a lot of dealers in the Tri-State area and there isn't one that's had a good experience with UShip. It's unfortunate for the good shippers that you claim to be.