Providence, Rhode Island

I am actually on the phone as I type this with a man who barely speaks English. I found multiple puppies on oodle and continued to email the sellers, four to be exact, only to get almost identical responses from all four.

Now all four people claimed to live in extremely different parts of the USA, yet they all have the same responses and excuses as to why they don't live where their add says they live... they all said their jobs made them relocate. Now I started to get confused but finally got an email back from one seller that actually had correct grammar and use of wording (all other emails sounded like they were being written by a foreigner trying to speak English). So I proceeded in the process of buying puppy, now in the initial email this man seemed interested in getting to know who I was for the safety of the puppy and after I explained where I live and who I am it was all quick from there.

Just kept pushing me for personal information to get the shipping process handled. I was worried now that he too was part of the scam, he didn't ask which dog I wanted from the four available, he just send me an email telling me to wait for a call from the shipping company.. never even asked what dog I wanted!!! so now I get an email from this man about 45 minutes ago.

immediately after the email I get a call from a number registered in PA. I missed the call because I was getting the mail and the number called three times in a row (desperate). I called back and it was an odd voice mail with just a name? no company name or formal greeting.

I hang up and immediately it calls me back. I pick up it is a man who barely speaks proper English, heavy accent, and rude. the phone was breaking up heavily and I requested he call me back from a different number, he was mad but said okay. I got freaked out so I came to the computer to look up this uship company for myself.

the website is bogus. it is a scam if I have ever seen one. completely home made and unprofessional. the man calls me back a some odd 7 minutes later from a very weird number.

prepaid I think. I pick up and he gives me attitude straight from the start. I said "hello, yes I just read that I can only make this purchase through a prepaid card I have to go buy somewhere else? I want you to explain to me why a professional company does not except debit/credit cards?" he goes "you have to buy the prepaid card" I said I am not doing such and I want you to explain to me the answer of my last question and im reporting you for fraud if I don't get and answer" he hung up.

and here I am writing this review. IT IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!! it is a home run business. with unintelligent foreigners behind the wheel.

the website is fake. the people are all fake, all the adds on oodle.... ARE FAKE.

they are all related in some way and work this business together. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Unfortunately I fell for this thick accent guy who pretending to be the agent. Dog doest exists.

I cant believe this is what they do for living.. Stealing peoples money


I second this scam entirely. Same thing happened to me.