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I ordered a puppy online. Sent money for puppy plus cost of shipping.

Breeder told puppy to airports and arranged uship to bring it to me in Florida. All was well. Then I got an email from uship that inhad to send $1800.00 to rent a crate for the pup to be put on the flight. If I didn't pay that they would not ship the puppy.

I couldn't raise $1800.00 if my life depended on it. Now the puppy sits at the airport. They claim its refundable but if a person hadn't counted on that expense, well that's not fair. Not a reasonable amount.

Company would not work with me. Somewhat rude and inconsiderate.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $609.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Uship Pros: Never use uship.

  • scamming customers
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I don't know if Uship was involved; it never got to that point. I responded to a craigs list advertisement for two pugs.

Actually two ads. The first ad was for a pug in Elko, NV, about a three hour drive from my home. The second was the same ad but with a different pug and the google map said Las Vegas. I didn't notice the city change on Google Maps.

I got a reply from the poster about how excited she was to learn I was interested and sent me numerous pictures of the dogs. She said they just moved to Richmond, Virgina three weeks ago and said they rented an apartment that didn't allow dogs. She said she would give them for free but I would have to pay the shipping charges. She asked me numerous questions: Have you own a pets before?

- Do you have a vet doctor? -where precisely are you located? - Are you a breeder? - will you take both puppies or just one?

if one what sex? -Do you have pets loving children at home? - Give me a Brief Description about your Environment? -Will you take good care for the babies like your own child?

These questions are very similar to another poster who got scammed. When I asked questions like, " I thought you lived in Elko, Nv?" she never addressed it. When I asked her what vaccinations the puppies have had, no response. She said she would call a Pet Transporter and it would cost me $400.

There would call for payment once she registered the dogs with them. My airport is really small and is only served by Delta Airlines. Delta's policy is the dog owner must have a health certificate issued by a licensed Vet within 10 days of the flight and the dog must have a rabies shot. Also there can be only one connection city on the flight.

Not possible from Richmond to where I live. She had told me the dogs would be brought to my door. When I first responded to her, I told her I would drive to Elko, NV to get them. She responded we just moved to Richmond, VA, and it was great I would drive the 16 hours one-way.

It's about a 40 hour drive to Richmond. Like I said, it never got to the point of Uship, but the questions parallel someone who fortunately got scammed out of $550. And really, who would put two young puppies on a truck or plane for a trip that could take days to complete. And of course, she really wanted assurances that I would be a good dad to her babies!

Thank you for this site. I'm sure, like everyone else, I would have been asked to pay the money and had been robbed.


Mine was kinda the same I payed 500 for the puppy and they said it would take another hundred for the shipping crate and then emailed me back saying I would need to send them $2500 for shipping insurance , I am really pissed off my kids thought they were getting a puppy tonight and their not, and now the shipping company u ship wont reply or send my money back , im not happy their is got to be away to shut these guys down .


When are you going to realize that there is no puppy and you've been scammed? Why would you buy a puppy you have never seen from a stranger out of state ? Not very smart ....

@Miss Betsy

Anonomous, it actually happens with breeders with no trouble. My mom did it and both dogs were exactly as promised.

But I agree, it was a bad idea on my part to even consider it. There are plenty of dogs to rescue or purchase within a 3 hour drive of your residence. In my case, the dogs were located 3 hours away from where I live. The original idea was to drive there and see them and buy them if they were as described.

I think the scamster couldn't remember which ad I responded to and then it turned out she lived in Richmond, VA. I also found another ad from this poster that said Las Vegas.

Craigslist is full of frauds. Fortunately, I'm not trusting enough to hand over money without the product in hand.