Belle Plaine, Minnesota

We trusted these people to get a pug puppy from tennesse they said that the puppy would only be 300$ and they would send it to us. Well with in the first 24 hours uship contacted us stated they needed 1350$ for the life insurance policy on the dog..

so the seller put up 550$ and we paid 800$ for the poilicy..they stated all this would be refunded as soon as dog arrived at our house.. well then another 24hrs later they called again and stated now the dog is detained due to needing shots that was going to cost 2440$ that would be refundable on delivery..well the sellers stated they would pay the 1440$ of it if we would pay the rest..during all of this the sellers wouldnt take our calls just email us back and forth...when we told uship we would not send anymore money they started the threaten us with fees and fines and the dog would be places in shelter till they got their money..well needless to say i contacted the sellers this morning and told them we would not be paying anymore money and the reply was then just let it all in all they got 1100$ out of us and we got ticked off of the whole deal...something needs to be done to these people for what they are doing to people

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is currently happening to me right now. Bought a dog from someone in another state for 200$.

They said they would ship the pup to my house, but when I got the email from uship they said they needed 1350$ because the dog needs rabies shots. After reading a lot of other reviews and people who've been scammed by the uship company, I will not pay them a cent!

Thank you for your review and I feel full sympathy for you and the fact that you lost money and still have no dog.


No shipper refunds anything unless it was really necessary, you are paying a good chunk of random money just because they are asking for it. No shots costs over $1000, ask a real vet, they will say the same.

No seller will pay half of a bill. Report this to Uship, and the phone/email to FBI.

Get a puppy from a reputable breeder, not Uship. Or better yet, get a puppy that is due to die before the adult dogs at a shelter.

You should have saved yourself $3000 and just spend $50 and $80 for vaccinations. But you rich ***ks like to show boat your money around and spend big money.


Oh my god. This was a scam.

No shots cost $1000. And the dog paid the price. Probably Uship was not calling you but someone pretending to be them. You should call Uship yourself and have them research this.

They can find out who did this through the FBI researching their IP address. You should report this to the FBIs Internet scams website.