Honolulu, Hawaii

oodle has puppy scam we too had a person send us an email saying their mom passed away and they couldnt look at puppies as they kept being reminded of their late mom. But this time they said puppies are coming from spokane washington, not north dakota like the other person who also was asked to send money via western union.

I hope all you other people double check on the delivery service USHIP pet delivery sevice as they are the SCAM!! The person for this scam is johncruse7273@yahoo.com.

they wanted us to send money within 55 min. Red flag somethings wrong here!

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Complete bunch of @:=#'ers! Scam!

exactly the same for me, I actually called the guy to find out if he was seriously expecting me to pay in advance for puppies i showed an interest in.

He was in 'Aberdeen' this time. Proper *** - beware.


if you send money to someone you dont know thru western union then you deserve to get scammed.

FYI the person who sent you this *** is not even affiliated with the company stated, they just use their business name illegally.

and the guys name is not even John cruse it probably mohammad dum$hit in nigeria.