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ON 18JUL I decided to purchase Mini Sib Husky( Found on craigs list, routed to puppy finders.

Told dog would b 250/del. to door included-shipping co. would collectfee for pup, ship cost incl. in 250total to be given to shipper.

Got email on 19th-pup been delivered;await word from company.Email/call from them said I had to purchase INSURANCE that neither the breeder/courier service mentioned. 2000K gets whiddled down. Half of that will be returned upon delivery - 70.00 for courier fees, again none of which was mentioned in prior conversations/texts. Said no can do.

Will send 250.00 thats it, provided I get email BEFORE I send western union. Got email sent money. Now they say that, due to time difference in CAMEROON, they can't verify money was picked up (but I did when I spoke w/ West.Un., along with times and who picked both transfers up). Could I send another 250.00, for a total of 500.00 that would be returned to me upon receipt of pup!

Been on phone all day haggling with folks who have accents that are extremely difficult to understand. I am a disabled vet on SSDI. I DON'T HAVE EXTRA MONEY. Pups in Norfolk Int.

'waiting'; couldn't give me definite time of arrival. Trying to weasel extra money cause I didn't buy 'INSURANCE' or a SCAM all the way around? We'll see. I won't let it drop, so be forwarned if I get cheated of my 500.00!

May my Lord God Almighty have vengenace on you and your staff if I don't get my puppy. I have NEVER purchased ANYTYHING on the internet that required a courier, insurance - or a pet.

Will NEVER DO IT AGAIN OR RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE. And to think, I was going to give them my BUSINESS when I go on vacation and to other friend who board animals instead of taking them along on vacations.

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Pet Insurance Scam
  • Miniature Husky
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