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We also just went through this today, we were ready to send the money but had second thoughts when we received the confirmation letter by email through uship. Fortunately we started asking questions, checking the web, and even asked the puppy seller to call. I called uship and they said they do not Take care of the money end of the deal and if someone was asking us to send payment through western union it wasn't legit.

I have to say that the pronunciation in the emails we received was definitely off. We tried calling a number they gave us from a previous puppy buyer and could never reach them. They said they were from AK, but the phone numbers given didn't match, and when they did finally call it was from a Florida number. I asked the shipping company that said they were uship ( obviously not) if I could call them back on their 800 number and he insisted that he called me back in 10 minutes , so I looked up uships 800 number and called them and they had no idea what this puppy seller was up to. uship had no pending shipment for me, as the email had stated there was, and also informed me of the puppy scam, and that the scammers requested money to be sent western union. following is the first letter I received from the seller: Hello Dear,

Thanks for emailing me in regards to our Puppies,our family takes

great care to make sure all our Puppies are very socialized and

friendly with other pets.They come with all up to date shots and also

seen by our Vet before going to their new homes.these Puppies are 11

weeks old, Akc registered,Vet checked, good temperament with kids and

other pets.we exercise our Puppies regularly and take the Puppies

always for walks! .all our Puppies are raised in the same home and

environment. We are located in HOPE CITY AR with the Puppies, we

are giving the Puppies away for $400 including delivery to your home

.we have two Puppies available

and their names are Paige / Shannon. i will email you some pictures when

you get back to me with the sex you are

interested on :


She is home and potty trained.

She does not bark a lot.

She Is friendly with kids and other pets.

She get angry when you shout at her.


He is home and potty trained

He barks more than Shannon but not to much.

He is also a friend to kids and other pets.

He barks when he sees strangers.

I Have some few questions ?

Are you married?

Are you familiar with this kind of breed?

Were are you located ?

What is your phone number ?

do you have a good environment for the Puppies ?

are you interested in the male or female ?

Sorry for all the questions but i need to know

the kind of home and environment these Puppies will be going to.

Regards. Then when I asked for another puppy buyers name so that we could talk to them I got this response, i tried calling and got nowhere....the name of the delivery agency is call USHIP.

and this first family that i have work with,and here is his number

(707) 706-3881 and his name is Mr.Leo Mecham

and then this email......Thanks for the details.i will now take the puppy to the agency and

have it registered under urgent delivery to your home.they will

contact you in the next 20-30 minutes on how payments an advance

payment of $400 so try to be by your computer and phone to

read and hear from them.hope you love,cuddle and spoil this puppy and

send me updated pics as it grows with you.

there were 33 emails in all and towards the end it got urgent feeling on his part, he already said he had the puppy at the shipping company at 5:00 in the morning getting it registered to ship. I do hope that this information will help others beware of the puppy scams, it is heart breaking to think you are actually going to get your puppy only to find its not real, or worse yet, be out a lot of money and a puppy.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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whenever a person you dont know... tells you to send a moneyorder/moneygram/westernunion even paypal....

its a scam!!

sorry for your loss but.. cheap things always end up being expensive


Id like to thank Deer Park, Washington for their comments on the "puppy scam" I went through exactly the same thing for an ad for pug puppies. Long emails (misspelled etc) asking for money before shipping the puppy.

When I learned of the shipping company this person was using, I immediately googled the company and came upon the puppy scam review. I knew something wasnt quite right with this pug puppy ad ( really... $400 for a pure bred pug?) And this review confirmed everything for me.

Again, thank you so very much. The internet is a wealth of information, but one must also be so very careful.


Ya ! Just got burned !

Same basic layout but out of Louisville,KY. Wish I would of read this prior to committing.

Could never contact the seller or shipper they always contacted me by phone. Lesson learned.