In trying to help my father in law get a new puppy for my mother in law, we have come across a similar situation. The guy, Raymond Fisher, is from Delaware and says he'll send us two tea cup yorkies for the cost of shipping $380.

Then we get an email from Uship (supposedly). It doesn't look like a professional website correspondence to me. The email contains directions for a Vanilla Re-load Card, images, and even locations near my address to find and buy the cards. Since the email looked strange and non-professional, I looked up and saw all of these similar situations.

The guy my father in law talked to had lost his wife, so he cannot look at the dogs anymore. Then I thought it was weird that he wanted monthly update pictures if he couldn't bear to look at them. The ages of the puppies is also similar to other stories I found. All are around 11weeks old.

The guy sending the puppies seems the same as well. Only texting or email and will not talk to anyone in the phone. I looked his name up in the white pages and no one lives in Georgetown Delaware with his name.

End result: we will not be continuing with this transaction. My mother in law just lost her baby Sassy (her lovey shitzsu) and I will not put her through this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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it is illegal to ship pups-cats as pets. By law they have to be handed of in person. Animals for breeding can be shipped.


We had the same thing happen with 2 german Shepards from Boston. The guy claimed he was a disabled veteran with a traecheotony and couldn't speak.

We spent the $800 then waited 2 hours for the confirmation code.

It contained further instructions that we needed to rent a thermal dog cage to ship them $1000 depost. We didn't do that but our $ was long gone by then.