Opelousas, Louisiana

My 90 year old mother had her property ruined by Racing Randy's crew from Quick Transport. They were supposed to be transporting an antique six burner wood stove and broke three legs off of it before even getting it in the van.

The young guys that were sent to do the job called the boss and said it was too heavy they couldn't do it. They were told to do it anyway. Just a minute later they had broken 3 legs off and a piece of side trim and bent the fourth leg and dented underneath the stove. They left it there in Illinois and refused to give my mother her money back.

They destroy property and don't care. Please, if you care about your property, DO NOT accept any bids by Racing Randy at Quick Transport. I believe the young man said he is from Michigan. They won't answer phone calls after they destroy your property.

The worst experience EVER!!! My 90 year old mother worked and saved all her life. This cost her $3,475.00. And Racing Randy couldn't care less.

I have pictures of the inside of their van. I will try to post the picture so you all can see the care they don't take with your property. I am also posting a pic of the woodstove that my mother paid for. This is what it looked like before they broke it.

My poor mother's heart is broken.

And after they broke it they just left it there. My mom has nothing to show for all that money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Quick Transport Profile.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wow so sorry to hear you had a bad experience with this ***. I am a transporter on Uship myself but I always take professional care of whatever I handle.

Please research transporters before utilizing them... read the feedback especially any Negative or Neutral feedback and stay away from the ones who have a lot of cancellations.


I too am a driver for uShip, but never over book and do not take jobs I cant handle Racing Randy's name should have been your first clue as to what type of service your poor Mother was getting into. All I can say is READ all the profiles each transporter posts and pay close attention to their feedback.

Every driver should go above and beyond for their customer, like most of us do..

Sorry you ended up with a slob.. Hopefully insurance will cover it.


They have my cycle on their truck, that is from feb. 29 th.


It is still on the truck, and this is the 29th. of March. That is a month.. They keep saying next week we will deliver it.

Every week it is next week. They are, in my opinion, the worse company in the transportation industry.

DON"T USE THIS COMPANY IF I WERE YOU> In my opinion they don't know what they are doing.

He keeps moving from stat to state so he can't be sued. That is my belief, and I think I am right.............