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There' no question that there's going to be problems in life, it's how you deal with them that shows your character.USHIP has extremely bad character.

I had a shipper deliver late and I wanted a partial refund from the original price. I called USHIP and spoke with someone named Andre who after a lengthy conversation finally agreed to help. After more holding, Andre said that he had spoke to someone else and that they had a way to pay the shipper less and then pay me the difference from the original price, so I was hopeful. After waiting a week an nothing happening, I called back today only for Andre to remember our agreement and then tell me he did exactly the opposite of what I asked for and that he agreed to and paid the shipper the full amount and that I would have to wait for the shipper to send me the money..."Check's in the mail"... as old as checks and the postal service!! Which is why I called them in the first place! So Andre is unwilling to honor his commitment and tries everything including throwing PayPal under the bus to wiggle out of his responsibility so eventually I get sent to Jamie. She's the typical stonewalling "supervisor" who just reiterates what the first person said and then insults you with the corporate b.s. line of how they are sorry but this is how it is, even after you ask them to stop insulting you and do the right thing, they just keep repeating the insults.

Does anyone believe this b.s.?Does anyone believe that the CEO or whoever is in charge would have to put up with this treatment? I don't, I know it wouldn't be that way which tells me it's not that they can't do anything, it's that they won't, I'm(were)just too small to treat like a human being.

So I've lost $100.00, 240 minutes of cell phone time and 4 hours of my life(priceless when you think about it) and the shipper gets paid for bad service and USHIP gets paid for insulting me...Yeah I'm pissed!

These so called customer service people use the same ol' lame ol' tactics, tell you they're sorry and then not help you and if you refuse to take their lies for an answer they keep stonewalling or insulting you long enough to get you to hang up in disgust or say something they can point to as rude and hang up on you and then deny you a resolution to your problem.

Avoid these people at USHIP and anyone else who refuses to show honor and character,like eBay with whom I have the same problems, their customer service serves themselves not the customer.In the end you're going to get

shafted if you're not careful. Now that I know this site is here I will let let anyone know when there are people who honor their commitments and actually help in resolving a problem, but to be clear USHIP is not going to help you they will definitely take your money and leave you to your fate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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