Warren, Texas
Not resolved

Scamming me now and saying i must send 2500 of face charges in jail bc i THOUGHT i was ordering CBD OIL for my son who has autism coupled with epilepsy bad seizures so now uship delivwry agent saying he was detained at port but will not reply what port?? And says package had marijuana!!!

And he was detained an pack seized an that now i must pay 2500 that uship lawyers made arrangement with DEA and DEA sent me a GMAIL. thru my email address!!! WTF WTF??? I NEVER ORDERED MARIJUANA!!!

Said uship has to pay fine of 20,000 and since i am receiver on pack i have to pay 2500 the sender has to pay 7500!!

Does the DEA really contact ppl thru *** email???? I sent money to Cameroon, Littoral Douala

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