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Uship is one of the biggest and most visible money making illegitimate company's in North America. They are a broker in every definition of the word and description by charging both a carrier and customer money for a service.

How is it that not one lawyer or MLA or any government official ever done an expose on this company. Do you really believe they are pay proper taxes to the Canadian government for all the work being secured by Canadian carriers? Not likely.Why hasn't any of the trucking associations not gone after this company for the horrible treatment of carriers? I was a carrier on this site not once but twice with 2 different profiles.

Over 80 completed jobs all with 5 star positive feedback and 1 negative from a spoiled little asian kid who couldnt speak english, who fabricated a story to tried to coerce and blackmail a lower shipping rate even though it was undervalued to begin with. My complaint and ramble is, i got suspended both times for calling out illegal carriers and non-licensed carriers and was deemed a high risk carrier.We have been in business for over 30 yrs with only the one negative experience with never a damage claim and even Ushit kept our profiles up to garner the exposure from our great profiles but yet deem us a bad carrier. What a crock of bull!!! Once again start writing letters to whoever will listen i am done with this company and they need to be shut down.It is one thing to suspend someone for just cause and tell them and entirely a different story to hide behind their wonderful clause 18.I call it the *** and muzzle clause they do not have to have a reason or say anything at all and or respond to anything with no accountability and then slander you telling a customer not to release their freight to you as this will be considered an off-site transaction so they will face suspension as well.

Talk about bully and scare mongering tactics. They also quote their rules and policies but they continually make *** up to suit their particular whim at any given moment.Then they invoke their *** order and dont respond or reply and claim they dont have to because they are right end of story.Even when you god forbid point out their error in applying their own rules and policies as every comment is subjective and can be interpreted by several people differently they maintain it is their way or the highway.A carrier has to live in continual fear of answering a direct question as the reply police(a competing carrier) will yellow flag every one of your comments and the old adge if you throw enough *** at a wall something is going to stick sooner or later. then of course 3 red flags in 60 days guess what SUSPENDED!!! If you try and argue the fact guess what PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED!!!

Have we not had numerous thousands of veterans die to protect our ability to speak out about wrongdoing or to have free speech at all!!! This company abuses all these rights and freedoms of both of our countries and have not be made accountable!!! Time to stand up to the bully and kick them in the nuts!! Please tell this story and encourage any one with some clout to speak with myself and several other carriers and infact there are thousands of us who have been shafted by this scummy company.

It is run by a bunch of young kids who have no idea what the real world is about and especially in regards to company relations and have no interest in who or how they get their money.Their only concern is the moment someone challenges them or rocks the boat,makes waves,questions their authority.or corrects their mistakes they are banned and suspended permanently as a high risk carrier.How do you go from a preferred, highly recommended carrier to high risk and terrible so much we suspend them permanently overnite.And i do mean literally overnite!!! This happened not once now but twice.Exact same scenario just different dates.Something wrong with that picture.Had another carrier go to bat for me both times claiming they were wrong for doing so and were ultimately SUSPENDED PERMANENTLY.How much proof would the courts need to see human rights violations,workplace prejudice violations there are literally dozens of laws being broken.Could any of us citizens get away with this treatment to a subordinate in any of our companys?To be fired there must be just cause and disclosed what the cause is.You are supposed to be able to face your accuser.If they are making slanderous inferences and accusations ,you are supposed to be able to defend yourself or they must produce proof.With no proof it becomes slander and defamation of both a person's character or a company's good reputation.We have strived for over 30 yrs to build this excellent reputation and by Ushit even putting out misinformation about our company is slanderous.I hope that all you people who read this and i know there will be a great many of you tell your story and get it out there as i am on a mission now to try my best to bring this joke of a company who is ripping everyone off down!!! They have muzzled me no more!! Im not kissing their *** and being quiet because im afraid to be suspended because one of their moderators or flag monitors interprets my comments other than how it was intended just to suit their emotional moment.

Rant done now need some help!!! like the *** out of this because sooner or later the right person is going to take notice and i dont care if its for political browny points or a mission just as long as something happens!!!I can include all my feedback reviews as i screen shotted them both times to prove my point. I even left feedback for the lady today where Ushit fabricated my reply.Managed to catch it and make my own reply truthfully.Gauranteed its gone tomorrow but took screen shot of it to prove how they lie and manipulate these things to suit their purpose.

good night to all and safe travels.All these were pics from my profile before i told Ushit to take it down as they were garnering business from my hard work then they removed anything negative said about them off the forum pages then blocked me.Some open company that is.I will take a pic of my latest feedbacks if i can but i might be blocked off altogether now but if someone wants to see they can ask me in an email as they are on my phone now. Thks for reading.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: chg your archaic policies and stop trying to control everything and realize everything isnt black and white better conflict resolution process and mediate instead of termination employees have more rights than a carrier you claim to be neutral.

Uship Cons: Mgr hung up 2xs refused 3rd call, Always assuming carriers are bad, Making decisions without hearing 2 sides to an issue.

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