I purchased a teacup maltese pup from Isle of man at cost of £329 in june 2012 to be delivered by u ship then had email that money was needed for shipping which I sent and payment was to cameroon which they said was head quarters waited for pup to arrive but did not arrive contacted them they told me that pup was at Matlock in derbyshire at a pet control place as had not got all paper work and they needed to get this from ministry at cost to me and all monies would be refunded on delivery of pup so paid got email stating pup would be with me next day. Next day came and went still no pup got email needed temp contol cage plus vaccine as pup was so small so paid for this and still no pup and so the saga continues and it is 2013

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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I responded to a similar advert for a Maltese last year, I initially had my suspicions because the puppy was cheap. As soon as they requested a payment through western union, bells started to ring!

Luckily I realised the whole thing was a scam before it was too late, these people were very convincing.

Pedigree maltese puppys cost £1000 + Remember if it's too good to be true, it probably is!

I'm now a have a geourgous Maltese bought from a genuine breeder in the uk.


The quarantine of animals being imported/exported is standard procedure. It was upon YOU and the SELLER , not the transporter to thoroughly research the import/export rules concerning the puppy,ensure that the seller took the animal to a veterinarian who would have given him the appropriate shots and provided the correct documentation to help expedite acceptance of the puppy through customs or hired a professional importation company to assist you."Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse".

A little bit of effort could have saved you a lot of headaches...never mind the suffering of that poor animal. :roll


I recommend that you stay away from Uship. It appears the vast majority of transporters bidding on shipment on that website are not licensed and do not have cargo insurance.

Always ask any transporter for their DOT and MC (motor carrier) numbers, most Uship transporters don't have these numbers and are operating illegally if they transport goods for hire across state lines. Google Uship Pissed Consumer and read page after page of unhappy former Uship customers complaints. I called Uship about a company that is not DOT compliant that I know for a fact had items stolen out of their truck, changed their phone numbers, did not compensate their customers for their loss (worth tens of thousands of dollars) and are still bidding on shipments on Uship. The Uship rep said it's not their job to make sure transporters are DOT compliant and did nothing to remove this illegal transporter from their site or protect other Uship customers from this illegal transporter.

This is not an isolated incident, this is Uship's standard operating procedure. Uship makes lots of money off these unlicensed transporters and are not about to forbid them from bidding on shipments on their site. Uship knows that most transporters on their site are not DOT compliant but does nothing about it. Additionally, Uship is acting as a broker by taking a fee on every booked shipment even though they claim to be a Neutral Venue.

Uship is not DOT licensed and not bonded. Once again, I highly recommend you seek out a legitimate, licensed and insured transporter to handle your shipping needs and always verify a transporters DOT and MC numbers. Additionally, UShip has recently set up a few new websites Motoshipping.com and Shippitall.com to get customers to use Uship.

These website eventually take you into Uship. It is my opinion that Uship has received so many negative reviews they are trying to get unsuspecting customers through these other websites they have set up, do not be fooled into using Uship through these other websites.



I am sorry to hear you came across a scam that unfortunately uses our reputable name to lure you into sending money. To clarify, uShip.com is an online marketplace where those that need shipping services can list their needs and receive bids from independent transporters. uShip is not involved in the actual shipment of any items, and we are not involved in the purchase or sale of any items.

We are aware of scams occurring on various online classified sites where the seller of an item makes false and fraudulent claims about uShip and/or impersonates a uShip representative in an attempt to trick individuals into sending them a wire transfer payment for non-existent goods.

Keep in mind that any correspondence coming from a uShip representative will originate from the "@uship.com" domain. An email from an individual claiming to be from uShip that is sent from any other address should be considered fraudulent.

I would encourage you to not engage in further transactions with this individual and to contact the site where you found the ad to report it as being fraudulent, as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center (www.ic3.gov). If you have a URL link to the original ad you found or any email correspondence with this individual, please forward that to us at support@uship.com.

Feel free to contact uShip Member Support with any other questions or concerns.

@uShip Member Support

reputable name? that shows all over the internet!