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Or have David Fred of Surf & Turf Shipping ship your stuff claiming to have DOT numbers which he does not have, and also acts like a broker from his basement and not a shipper hiring people off of Craigslist...and UShip allows him to do this! He does not even carry the mandatory insurance that is needed.

If people wanted a random Craigslist person they would hire them directly themselves. Allowing a broker to bid and mislead people as if they were the ones shipping the goods is not cool.

Sadly Uship does not care although they should hold part of the blame for allowing illegal shipper/brokers to exist on their site.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Uship Cons: Being robbed, Useless customer service, Scam, Allowing brokers to bid, Illegal shippers, No dot numbers.

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He goes by "Don" now. He owes me money as well.

Pays you the first couple of times to gain your trust then tries and rip you off slowly paycheck by paycheck. Gives you check and says cash it in a couple of days only to tell you in those couple of days another sob story of why the funds aren't there.

The IRS is curious why he hasn't given my 1040 to file taxes. Maybe they will start sniffing around.


WARNING! Don not use this company.

They do not have D.O.T. or M.C. numbers or Cargo Insurance. Please, i repeat please ask for proof if you ship with anyone.

If the driver he hires or broker is pulled over without these valuable creditials your valuable toys can be impounded by law enforcement and will only be relinquished after stiff penalties and the cost and expenses of either picking the product up in another part of the country or hiring another shipping company. You can type the name of the company in any search engine along with the owners name and will find numerous scenarios from stolen bikes in New Mexico to damaged cargo that he has never remunerated their costs. Lets not forget the many complaints on line by drivers that he has hired only to leave them stranded in various parts of the country along with no monetary payments to get them home. You can check out the uship account as it is still posted with a banner on the top of the screen stating that this member has been banned.

The only thing is that he is in fact still running a business out of the basement of his home under the name stingray transport on Uship and

He has already filed bankruptcy on another company he apparently owned in which was a landscaping company according to court documents. If anyone is trying to have him served with papers by the court his other address is 642 lynn court, Maryville, TN and 865-309-6984.


I was a driver for him and he left me stranded out west the day before thanksgiving after I dropped his cargo off. He still hasn't paid my commission and of course won't answer my calls.

I don't understand how someone like this can fly under the radar this long.

After researching looks like he owned a landscaping company that he filed bankruptcy on in Maryville Tn as well.


Uship closed dave fred's account but is now shipping under the company stingray transport and changed his name to Don.


Thank you for a great experience with shipping my mastercraft. I really appreciate the updated on the process and would use your services again in a heartbeat. I would recommend Dave Fred and his company surf and turf shipping to anyone looking for a hassle free experience.

Go Vols


Thru my marina in Boston I setup shipping of my boat back to Boston. They scheduled Surf and Turf shipping.

They scheduled them for me on the way to Miami and I had no issues. I have a chain of emails with the office manager Leah starting on 4/10/15 that she confirmed on the Tuesday before the pick up that everything was confirmed. She confirmed Monday April 27, 2015 the boat would be picked up. I then sent an email Friday before pickup and I didn't receive a response over the weekend.

In her prior email, she said the driver would get in touch a day before. Monday morning I wasn't able to call in the morning to find out the pick up time so I had a friend call. He talked to Dave Fred who said sorry he's been out due to prostate surgery. He said call back in an hour when his office manager was in.

My friend called in an hour and he said she still wasn't in to call in half an hour. My friend and I both then tried calling all day to both numbers, Leah Callahan office manager 865-243-9894 and 865-309-6984) but no reply including to my emails. On Monday, since I received no replies, at Noon I put an ad in Strangely, at 9pm Dave Fred posts he is avail to take the boat.

I reply back stating I need it picked up by Wednesday since I have a flight at 3p. I get no response. By a miracle I get a response from another shipper and he saves the day. I told him I have a flight on Wednesday with my 3yr old, 3mo old and my wife and I don't know what to do.

My boat is in the water, I have no way of putting it on the trailer nor no option to store it anywhere. My world was upside down juggling the move back to Boston with the fam.

He picked up the trailer from the storage lot, met me at the Marina and helped me load the boat. I got lucky.