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I was to have a a puppy bulldog delivered to me from Louisiana, totaling $600.00 threw money gram. I been talking to a Mr.Williams who lives or at least received the money in Ohio,Colombous, I received emails stating that the puppy will arrive on July 30th 2015 at 8pm,dog never arrived.I called no answer,I left emails no responses, didn't sleep being worried!!I took off from work on Friday hoping that the dog will arrive.I was able to speak to Mr.Williams ,but he ended up sending me another email for more money, I didn't understand why,when there vets cleared the puppy to travel,!Mr.

Williams was asking for more money,and

Like an ***, I send more money that I had to borrow,because the puppy was for my son's birthday gift!!!

Now,I am in dept to pay back money that I borrowed, my son won't get his gift,and I'm worried about what's happing to a poor defenceless puppy! I believe uship is a SCAM, people who work USEING uship are heartless,greedy,and only out to use peoples trust!Now in this world no one can be trusted,and people like me who struggle to pay bills and try to save end up with the very short end of the stick!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $850.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uship Cons: Hate it, Being robbed, Being scammed and conned.

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I lost 250 for a Siberian Husky Puppy. They wanted me to pay more but I didn't have the money so they ignore my calls and my texts too.


You can report fraud like this to

And don't buy any more puppies online!


the same thing happend to us, the exact same dog, the exact same amout, the same name, we do not know what to do now, we found ads in various others websites from the same person and same phone number, if there is any way that we can try to get our money back, make a complaint or denounce this situation, please contact me:


As stated.. this was the works of a person/scammer not Uship, im sure the seller told you that Uship ***ked up somewhere with the shipping, uh? and thats why you are mad at uship.


Uship didn't scam you. It was a scammer fraudulentlyl using Uhip's name. Unless you went to and paid on the website you didn't pay Uship and they were not involved


There was no puppy to begin with. This is a very well known scam.


It isn't the shipper. It is the person you bought the puppy from that is scamming you.