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Our company used Unishippers on several shipments in an effort to get the best deal on freight. One of our shipments was incorrectly billed directly with the carrier instead of having our Unishippers quote applied, which ended up being double the cost of the Unishipper's quote for that particular shipment.

It has been three months since the shipment and MANY nice phone calls to Unishippers trying to gain a resolution since this is a simple error to correct. Still no resolution and constantly getting the runaround that they will look into it. Most importantly, I have been nothing but nice and patient on every call, but this company seems to have a faulty "advanced care" department. Seriously, three months and can't get a small billing issue corrected properly?

It almost seems as if they are just trying to "sweep this under the rug" and hope that if they take long enough, our company will just forget about it. NOT THE CASE!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS COMPANY AND ANY SAVINGS THAT WE MAY HAVE GAINED INITIALLY HAVE BEEN WASTED BY A DOZEN PHONE CALLS AND STILL NO RESOLUTION AFTER THREE MONTHS!


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