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I booked a pick up of a car that was to be delivered too me. It was never picked up! I was out my Fees Charged by Uship when i booked the shipment Thur uship! Uship dose not post a Phone on there web sight so there is no way of contacting then to get a refund!

Uship has a lot of Brokers offering low quotes that don't even own there own trucks, They get the order than out source too other trucking Co.

trying to take money off the top!!!


A Total Rip Off!! I will never use them AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Kenton Anderson

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Loveland Auto Transport scammed me on Uship. Kept my car for weeks, refused to deliver it and then scammed me for a $1000 bucks to get it back.

They are a company well known to the Larimer County Sheriff Department in Colorado and also go by the name Loveland Auto Investments/Fair Deal Auto. They operate out of several address in Loveland/Berthoud Colorado because they've got so many complaints with local law enforcement and the BBB. Run by some kiwi with a long criminal history in Australia and New Zealand and has now moved on to operating in the States with Uship as his venue.

My advice, contact local law enforcement once you get an idea that these are the actual people you're dealing with.

It takes a while to figure out because they pick up your car under one name, hide it at a differently named business, use Uship to buffer your phone calls, use disposable cell phones at their location not attached to an address the sheriff's department can attach to a business. But Larimer County Sheriff's department has more than a dozen complaints recently with them since they've just put their scam mode into high gear.