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U Ship is nothing but a means to hook you up with the sleazy low life shippers.

they take their cut of the deal, and do not look back. I had a terrible experience with them, I e-mailed them several times to intervene in resolving the problem with a sleazy shipping company called Chase Nationwide Transport, operating out of Oregon. This company, I mean Chase will take charge of your shipment and then would not move it until it is paid for in full, They give you different bank accounts and ask you to wire the money with different charges added and keep calling you that the money did not come-in and keep playing this trick in the hope that you wire the money and then you charge the shipping cost to credit card. They play every trick you can think of. in the meantime, U Ship will not interfere and leave you with these sharks. I had to file a law suit against them.

Oussama Qawasmi

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Account.

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why am i not surprised by this?


i have a complante about one of your drivers that was in clovis NM on July 25,2010 at 10:30am on prince and 21st almost hit my truck and almost two other cars at the same time i here by wish to talk to the head boss because wat this driver did was unnessery to cuss at me when i honked my horn at when he was not watching what he was doing :? alos if need truck number you can e-mail me @ Jonathan_wells2011@yahoo.com


USHIP.COM changes the wording again! This is done to make those posting the "truth" look like fools. It's the "dirt" that UShip doesn't want you to know!

It used to read:

This profile belongs to someone who is no longer registered member (Account suspended) site:uship.com

It now reads:

This member is currently suspended from the uShip site. Please contact Member Support if you have questions

Use the ADVANCED Google search option by copy/paste of the phrase above and a search of the domain name UShip.Com


Roxie's Transport, Chase Nationwide, Chase Heavy Haul, have applied for a new broker authority. MC 706522 HUNTER LOGISTICS


I understand your animosity towards Birch Ries Pettow, He has screwed way too many of my friends over. The straw that broke the camels back was when he *** Whitewood Transportation Billings,MT out of $2400.00 for hauling a piece of fall-off on a Generator I hauled from Chandler,AZ to Atlanta,GA.

Roxies charged the customer an additional $2400.00 to haul the genset from the enclosure to Nevada,Tx on Nov 11, 2009, he was paid Nov 18th for the load in full. That same week Mr. Pettow went and bought a ford pickup truck for $2400.00 in Canby,Or. And the icing on the cake....he got an additional $4500.00 for the Pilot cars and permits and screwed every pilot out of their money and did not reimburse me for the permits he took out of my settlement.

If anyone wants to see and examine the invoices, checks, collections, etc... I have them all and they are complete.

As for me siding with Roxie's Transport, LLC I operate under my own authority and USDOT number and I am proud of my name and business ethic's. Share yours please!


well roxies transport is birch ries pettow. he has run so many business's in the ground and has aloways bid freight low and then charge the shipper more.

he also has hunter logistics llc.

and is in with kelly's. they are all a rip off and run illeagle.


so nice of kelly's heavy haul to leave such a committ when they are all the same company same building same type of rip off. they tell you people need to concider they cost to operate and bid accordingly and they are one of the low bidders who charge more to the shipper for things not being right. they also have haunter logisters


It is not uncommon for a motor carrier to charge or pre-pay the freight up front for a customer who has no established CREDIT with the motor carrier. Remember, the motor carrier would be extending a line of credit to you to haul your freight, and if you don't meet the credit requirements, you have to pay up front just like if you were buying a car. Also it is required by the FMCSA 49.006 (a)(b) & (e) "the motor carrier is responsible to insure that the shipper meets minimum guidelines for payment of transportation charges or make arrangements for payment in advance.