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Rick and Cheryl Eicher who list their services thru U ship , brought my mare into Texas in Terrible condition. HE REFUSED TO EVEN UNLOAD HER TO LET ME SEE IF SHE WAS OK> HE demanded payment in full and in CASH and when I said I had never had a horse transport company EVER do this, he said He wouldnt unload her unless he had cash in hand.

NOW I KNOW why. She was so dehydrated and ill the vet had to be called. He was extremely rude and I hope you never have to go thru what we did.

He told me to climb up on the trailer and peek in- if I wanted to see her SERIOUSLY how terrible is this! They are in the Texas area and their phone #'s are 512 856 0044 and their website is www.donerighthauling.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Uship Website.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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We have never had a complaint as in regards to how we handle business. We strive to keep a positive feedback.

Mrs. Williams was a very rude and inconsiderate person to work for.First off the main concern was the horse. The horse was not ill any any respect.We fed and watered her as we always do. We called Mrs.

Williams on Sunday afternoon and let her know we could drop off that evening. She did not want to be inconvenienced with a evening drop off since here worker was not there on weekends.So we stalled the horse for the evening and fed watered the horse for the night. We called her first thing that morning as she asked to let her know that we were two hours away.When we arrived the gate was locked so we called again and went down the road to turn around for we were no a busy road and traffic was lined up behind us. When we got turned around the gate was still not opened.

We finally got in the gate and she was still in the front yard playing ball with her dogs. We waited for her to come out to the horse.

Her worker even called her again to let her know that we had other horses on board and were waiting to get paid.It took her around 30 minutes to finally come to the horse barn.We always keep the trailer locked for the safety of the horses. From past experience we do not unload until we are paid.She walked up and flashed the money and then stuck it back in her pocket.Like a child would do.I knew at this point in time I was not dealing with a normal horse person.She asked me to unload and i told her we do not unload until we are paid first she went over and looked at the horse and saw that everything was fine and then handed me my money and steadily smarting off on how I should unload the horse first before getting paid.All I said this is the way we do business and she knew it.The best of luck to her.Rick Eicher/donerighthauling



I'm Jami, a supervisor at uShip, and I'm very sorry to hear about your mare. I checked and was able to confirm that the transporters book shipments through uShip, but I wasn't able to find any user under the name of "Ren Williams."

Did you book the shipment through uShip.com? If so, we'd like the opportunity to discuss this in further detail and to contact the TSP on your behalf. If you have a uShip account and booked the shipment through our site, please email us at support@uship.com.

I hope your horse makes a full recovery.




I recommend that you stay away from Uship. It appears the vast majority of transporters bidding on shipment on that website are not licensed and do not have cargo insurance.

Always ask any transporter for their DOT and MC (motor carrier) numbers, most Uship transporters don't have these numbers and are operating illegally if they transport goods for hire across state lines. Google Uship Pissed Consumer and read page after page of unhappy former Uship customers complaints. I called Uship about a company that is not DOT compliant that I know for a fact had items stolen out of their truck, changed their phone numbers, did not compensate their customers for their loss (worth tens of thousands of dollars) and are still bidding on shipments on Uship. The Uship rep said it's not their job to make sure transporters are DOT compliant and did nothing to remove this illegal transporter from their site or protect other Uship customers from this illegal transporter.

This is not an isolated incident, this is Uships standard operating procedure. Uship makes lots of money off these unlicensed transporters and are not about to forbid them from bidding on shipments on their site. Uship knows that most transporters on their site are not DOT compliant but do nothing about it.

Additionally, Uship is acting as a broker by taking a fee on every booked shipment even though they claim to be a Neutral Venue but they are not licensed and not bonded like legitimate shipping brokers are. Once again, I highly recommend you seek out a legitimate, licensed and insured transporter to handle your shipping needs and always verify a transporters DOT and MC numbers.


sorry to hear that hope the horse is ok. make sure if you ever use uship again to check out how many cancellations the shipper has if its alot it should big a huge red flag for u. not everyone on their are *** but saddly just like in everyday life their are those that are trash